"Mad as a Hatter"


September 2016



Episode Number(s)

Part 1 (21 September 2016)

Nathan heads home having had a pissed off day at work. He is puzzled to find a chocolate brownie on the doorstep, and takes it inside. When he eats it, he begins feel delirious and realises it has been drugged. A zombie Paisley Hills breaks into the house and despite Nathan's efforts to defend himself, she kidnaps him.

Part 2 (22 September 2016)

Nathan finds himself at the mercy of a Dr. Chester Franklin, who is the researcher working for a group devoted to the now downfallen Clandestine Company. Nathan is taken to a newly reconstructed Nova Prospekt and experimented on by Franklin. This is the last straw for Nathan's already fragile mind, and he ends up snapping and becoming the Mad Hatter. Franklin has him stuck in a holding cell until he knows what else to do with him.

Meanwhile Nathan's friend Olivia Harris gets a job at the facility as a trainee worker. She is horrified when coming across Nathan's cell, and his mental deterioration. At that moment, Olivia is captured by Paisley.

Part 3 (23 September 2016)

Olivia manages to escape from the clutches of Franklin and tracks down Nathan and helps him to escape, although his mind has completely fractured. They escape on a rail train and embark for City 21. Franklin puts everything on high alert and states that Nathan is a highly dangerous criminal. Franklin's superiors scold him for allowing Nathan to escape.

Olivia takes Nathan to her apartment and tells him to rest. But Nathan slips deeper into insanity and fully believes he is the Mad Hatter. Late at night when Olivia and her daughter Diana are asleep, Nathan sneaks onto Olivia's laptop. Logging into a costume purchasing website, he orders a Mad Hatter costume. He breaks out a sinister smile while doing it. Looking at a photo of Diana, he utters "I will save you - Alice!"

Part 4 (24 September 2016)

Olivia takes care of Nathan, unaware of his sinister motives and that he isn't the man he used to be. Nathan bonds with Diana, but his partial memories of his late daughter Samantha causes him to believe that Diana is in fact her reincarnated, as well as the character of Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

Part 5 (27 September 2016)

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