MBP Research Facility was a research lab in City 19 which was owned by Tony Angelo and the New Combine. It featured labs and workshops, in which slaves were forced to replicate Combine related items and weapons such as cremators. In the aftermath of the New Combine's victory against the Resistance, the facility began developing a zombie virus to presumably use on the population, but a task force led by Nathan Johnson went up against the scheme.

Behind the Scenes

The facility featured during the New Combine story arc. But halfway through the 2012-2013 season of City 17 Street the facility was dropped with hardly any explanation, despite Nathan looking into a possible zombie virus factory secretly located underneath.

The facility's actions were later recycled when City 17 Street was relaunched in August 2014 and featured a story in which a place known as the Evo Corporation had a secret lab creating monstrous experiments. Unlike the story concerning the MBP Facility, the Evo Corporation lab was dealt with.

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