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Lyn the Grunt
Biographical information


Date of death

January 2013 (possibly)

Physical description

Alien Grunt


Unknown (female in appearance)

Hair color

None (brown when in disguise)

Eye color


Chronological and political information

Black Mesa Incident


Tony Angelo
Grunt Society of City 16


Lyn the Grunt was an alien grunt from Xen and part of the "Grunt Society of City 16". She is the mother of Jack and part of a massive conspiracy with Tony Angelo.


Lyn the Grunt worked with Tony Angelo on crippling a counter terrorism operation led by Nathan Johnson who was working against the Z.O.M.B.I.E. Science Facility in City 19. She enlisted her son Jack to work undercover and to watch Nathan and what moves he was making.

A few months later, Tony was imprisoned for his part in the destruction of City 19 and other countless terrorism acts. What happened to Lyn afterwards is unknown.


Lyn along with Jack and other grunts where murdered at the hands of Frank Blackstone. She was kidnapped by him and taken to an unknown science facility, where she was gassed and burnt to death inside a cylinder tube.


  • Lyn the Grunt was only introduced as a minor character. However the role was later expanded upon to involve her during the return of Tony Angelo in 2013.
  • She was killed off in according to a diary by Nathan Johnson in January 2013, a month after last meeting her. The Writer of City 17 Street explained he didn't like the character and she annoyed him on set, so he killed her off in a short story to vent his frustrations.

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