Lucy Anderson (formerly Johnson) is the friend of Nathan Johnson and a City 17 citizen.


Working for the Resistance

Lucy Anderson worked for the resistance in City 17, whilst posing as a citizen and the landlady of an apartment block near the plaza district of the city. She acted as the landlady of Nathan Johnson and was often strict with him.

Agent for the Resistance Government

Following the downfall of the Combine, Lucy became an agent for the Resistance Government and Agency, in which she took part in top secret covert missions. During her work, she got into conflict with a criminal known as the Rabbit Poacher and his spree of abductions across the country.

After Rabbit Poacher kidnapped Hannah Robertson and fatally wounded Nathan in the process, Lucy was tasked with rescuing her, which she managed to do but Rabbit Poacher escaped capture. Lucy began working outside the agency on her own secret mission to eliminate Rabbit Poacher, which resulted in her shooting and killing him in a woodland when he was waiting to carry out a drug deal. Nathan covered up the incident by hiding Rabbit Poacher's body underneath a newly laid road beneath City 17 Highway, and Lucy marked Rabbit Poacher's status as "Missing".

Becoming a Houndeye

During a mission to look into the activities of the Clandestine Company, Lucy was captured and experimented upon. During their cross breeding programme, Lucy was injected with a serum which transformed her into a Houndeye creature, although with differing appearance such as being covered in black hairs and having green glowing stripes. Lucy managed to escape the facility she was being held at, although lost most of her memory of the incident. Despite being a houndeye, she still managed to have her speech and human emotions, and continued to work for the agency as her Houndeye appearance was a perfect cover.

Lucy fell in love with another houndeye named Sparky and planned to settle down with him on Xen, although he later died and she returned to City 17.

Later assignments

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