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Laura is the name of a Headcrab owned by Nathan Johnson.


Nathan Johnson obtained the Headcrab in a competition, and decided to name her "Laura". When Nathan arrived in City 17 he had to sneak her in, due to the probation of pets being kept in the city. She began residing at his apartment.

Laura appears quite intelligent, tactical and highly trained. When stalked by metrocops, she was able to sneak away and plan an escape route and prevent her death. Despite the Headcrab's instinct to hunt, incapacitate and turn their prey into zombies, Laura had no such inclination and would rather explore, eat and sleep like an ordinary house pet.

Just over ten years since Nathan originally obtained her, Laura began feeling lonely so started looking for a mate.


  • The character's name was originally intended to be Lamarr, just like Dr. Kleiner's pet Headcrab.

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