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For the Judith Mossman from the "Half-Life" series, see here

Judith Mossman is a triple agent working for both the Combine and the Resistance, choosing to support the latter. She went missing during a search for a special project known as the Borealis.



Judith Mossman was a promising research scientist who had applied for the same post as Gordon Freeman at Black Mesa, eventually losing out to him. During the Combine occupation she partnered with Eli Vance to develop advanced technology for the resistance as part of the war effort. But unknown to them, she was secretly aiding the Combine and reporting directly to their earth administrator Dr. Wallace Breen.

Freeman interacted with her during his time in City 17, and met her at Black Mesa East out in the canals. The facility was raided when the Combine came looking for Freeman and ended up capturing both Eli and Mossman, taking them to Nova Prospekt. Freeman and Eli's daughter Alyx Vance headed to Nova Prospekt to rescue Eli and Judith, only to discover Judith was a spy. Judith escaped to the Combine's base of operations the Citadel in City 17 along with Eli. During a confrontation between Freeman, Eli, Alyx and Breen, Judith switched sides with the Resistance and betrayed Breen.

Search for the Borealis

"I'm fairly sure I've pinned down the location of the Project. It's hard to say how much of it might have survived intact, or whether there's anything remaining that could compromise our work... if it were discovered by the Combine. We'll need to take a close look at it, of course, but I should be able to give a better opinion within a few hours. If the site is where we think it is, then it should be no more than... I'm going to cut this short. We may have been spotted."
―Judith's video message.

Judith escaped to White Forest Base in the Outlands with Eli, and was later sent to the Arctic to uncover a code for Arne Magnussen to help close off an impending superportal. She sent the code which was encrypted in a video message. In the message she spoke of a mysterious "project", but it had to be cut short as Judith along with a few Resistance soldiers were ambushed by the Combine.

Freeman and Alyx got the message to White Forest, where they discovered the project was that of an Aperture Laboratories vessel known as the Borealis. Freeman and Alyx planned to use a helicopter to search for Judith and the ship, but this plan was cut short after Eli was killed by Combine Advisors.


Judith Mossman's corpse

Judith's corpse.

For whatever reason, Freeman and Alyx didn't go ahead with their mission to the Borealis, despite Judith being in danger and Eli's final wishes being for them to destroy the ship. At some point after the video transmission Judith came aboard the Borealis, but ended up being killed by Combine troops along with her fellow rebels. The Combine Advisors ended up being frozen in stasis tubes along with their technology, which all wouldn't be discovered until a near decade later.


Nine years later, Dan Mason and Simon Simms came across the Borealis and planned to destroy it and end the Combine once and for all. During their exploration of the ship, they came across the corpse of Judith and the rebels, which officially confirmed that she had indeed died. The Borealis was later destroyed, along with that of Judith and the rebel's corpses.


  • Judith Mossman is a character in the Half-Life series, making her debut in the 2004 sequel Half-Life 2 and voiced by Michelle Forbes. The character made a cameo appearance in both the episodic packs Episode One and Episode Two via a pre-recording.

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