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John Robertson is a character in City 17 Street and head of the Combine faction in City 15. He was the husband of Alison Robertson and the father of Samantha and Hannah.


Early years

John Robertson was an employee at the Black Mesa Research Facility in the 1980s and 1990s, and was a researcher in "Project Fear". He became a father to Samantha Robertson in 1990, and for a second time to Hannah in late 1998 (several months after the Black Mesa Incident). John discovered that a cult wanted their hands on Hannah, but he was saved by a man named G-Man, who said that John one day would have to repay the favour.

After the Seven Hour War, John and his wife Alison fled with their daughters to the countryside to lay low although they were sent to City 17 by Combine forces. With helps from G-Man, John was able to protect Hannah from being taken in by the Combine.

Widowed and troubles

In August 2006, John had lost his wife Alison during a riot between rebel and Combine forces. His daughter Samantha was sent to City 14, and he found himself alone to grieve with Hannah.

G-Man's World

This is an alternative timeline.
The alternative timeline ends here as it was averted.

Alliance with the Combine

John had joined the Combine in order to keep Hannah safe from the Combine, thus defecting from the Resistance, who he had blamed for the death of Alison. Upon the death of Wallace Breen, the Combine's administrator, John had taken on the responsibility of Administrator of City 17.

G-Man's vengeance

Moving on

Later years, murder and legacy

In 2014 John left City 17 again when he said he had a promotion in City 15 and bit farewell to Nathan.

In the following months John had began to investigate activities at the hands of the Clandestine Company, discovering that they were after certain picked people for their cause and domination, one of them who happened to be Hannah. John was also shocked to discover he was one of the selected ones, and so was Nathan. John returned to City 17 after being away several months, only to find Nathan himself had moved on. Desperate to warn Nathan about the dangers of the Company, he searched everywhere but no one had known Nathan's whereabouts.

John was murdered brutally by Chris Trapani, a fanatic of the Clandestine Company. John managed to record a message and stash it before his death, which was discovered by Thomas Wilson, who allied himself with Nathan at that time.

In a newly created alternative timeline, John was erased and replaced with a female counterpart.

Other appearances

City 17 Chronicles

John Robertson appears in City 17 Chronicles, a re-imagining and expansion of the original City 17 Street stories. The series explores his reasoning's for joining the Combine and feud with the G-Man.

Behind the Scenes

To be written.


List of Appearances

City 17 Street

    • "Pilot"
    • "Another Day"
    • "Entanglement"

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