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Jim Darwin
Jim Darwin
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"You can't do this to me - YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!"
―Darwin being forced to become the Cyber Gimp.

Jim Darwin, also known as Cyber Gimp and Cyber Darwin was a high ranking member of the Clandestine Company.


Serving the Clandestine Company

Jim Darwin had worked as a deputy manager at the City 17 Office during the Combine's rulership of earth. In the aftermath of their defeat, his intelligence and cold nature won him over with the mysterious Clandestine Company, who were working on domination of City 17 and needed someone with initiative.

Regardless they had seen Jim as the perfect subject for their creation "Cyber Gimp" a robotic suit which would serve the Clandestine Company. Feeling that Jim was good enough for the experiment, they forced him into the suit and activated him, now using him as a foot soldier. However the Cyber Gimp was merely a prototype, and was destroyed by Nathan Johnson. In order to cover up Jim's death, they uploaded his mind into a robotic suit with his original likeness and he continued to work at the City 17 Office.

A year since the Cyber Gimp incident, Jim recruited mobster Andrew Trapani and put his mind into a core. But the new Trapani Sphere decided to salvage the facility for himself and locked all the workers in holding them hostage. He was eventually destroyed along with the workplace by Nathan Johnson and Simon Simms.


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