Jessica Somerville is a City 17 resident.


Jessica and Nathan Johnson met in July 2008 before he was due to take a trip with Sarah Woods and Monty Johnson. The pair seemed to share fondness and Nathan told Jessica they could meet up when he returned. But when he did, he discovered she had left City 17 for unknown reasons.

Later that year, Nathan saw Jessica and her younger sister departing a bus he was on. Before he could catch up to them, the bus closed its doors and drove off, and he lost sight of them.

Eight years later, Jessica was residing in City 17 again. Her now grown up sister Maisie went to live with her.

Behind the Scenes

Having regretted killing off Samantha Robertson a year-and-a-half-prior, there were plans in July 2008 to introduce Nathan a proper love interest who would act as an expy of sorts to that character. Jessica was created and appeared for two episodes. With second thoughts, the character made no further appearances then on.

Later that year, it was planned to bring her back on a permanent basis and along with a younger sibling. In a planned story arc, Jessica and her sister were on the run from their evil father (simply credited the City 18 Administrator) and turned to Nathan for help, which would have concluded in early 2009. But this story never came to pass.

Jessica's sister made an unexpected reappearance in July 2017, nine-years following Jessica's debut. Jessica will make a return, although what it may include is unknown.

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