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Ivan Freeman is a scientist and an alternative version of Gordon Freeman from another universe. He ended up crossing over into the "primary" Half-Life timeline by accident during a teleportation experiment gone wrong.


Ivan Freeman is a parallel version of Gordon Freeman from another universe known as "Universe Alpha". He is a shabbier, older, version of Gordon Freeman and has a thick bushy beard and almost greasy like hair. Despite his unkempt appearance, Ivan is a highly intelligent scientist who is working on teleportation technology at the Black Mesa Research Facility.

Like the "primary" Half-Life universe an experiment gone wrong unleashes hoards of aliens from another dimension. Ivan fights his way through the facility and plans to make his escape. He enters a teleporter, but during another problem he is transported into another much graphically enhanced world. He finds himself in a night covered City 17. He is confused at his new surroundings, and makes note that he must be in an Eastern European city. He notices it is deadly quiet, but this soon changes when he is set upon by a large hoard of savage zombies.

Ivan makes it out alive and groups of with three survivors, and is informed that a zombie outbreak had occurred a few weeks previously and that the city is in complete lockdown.


  • Ivan Freeman is based off the alpha version of Gordon Freeman known as Ivan the Space Biker, who only existed in the Half-Life beta and within the original Half-Life game files.
  • The character model uses the beta version of Francis from Left 4 Dead and wearing a hazard suit.

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