Dr. Isaac Kleiner is a scientist and was an employer at the Black Mesa Research Facility. He was involved with the resistance after the Combine Empire's rule and helped to bring them down. He is a good friend of Eli Vance and an uncle figure to his daughter Alyx. He is derived from the Half-Life series and appears as a minor-recurring character in City 17 Street and as a main character in the prequel Black Mesa.


Black Mesa

Isaac Kleiner worked at the Black Mesa Research Facility in the Anomalous Materials labs overseeing the analyzing equipment. He worked with Eli Vance and was good friends with him as well as the Vance family, which included Eli's wife Azian and their daughter Alyx (who would refer to Kleiner as "Uncle").

After Black Mesa

Following the Black Mesa Incident Kleiner managed to escape with Eli and Alyx, although Azian perished.

City 17 Street

Kleiner operated in a secret lab in City 17 working on portal technology to use against the Combine.

Ten years following the defeat of the Combine, Kleiner's once great mind began to deteriorate and he relied on care from Barney Calhoun, who was now the head of security for an unnamed company. Kleiner believed his pet headcrab Lamarr (who has been dead for a decade) is still around and tries looking for her, much to the sadness (and minor irritating) of Barney.


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