How the Resistance Saved Christmas is a Half-Life 2 related Christmas Special which was released on the 25 December 2016. It is set within NathanJohnson's fan-fiction City 17 Street Universe, although is very loosely connected to the main continuity.


It is Christmas Eve, and Nathan Johnson, Dan Mason and Simon Simms arrive at Don Simmons' home in Christmas Town to have a party in the lead up to Christmas. The party is interrupted however by a call from Resistance Leader Eli Vance, who reveals that the Resistance's stronghold the North Pole has been taken over by the Combine, who have taken over Santa's workshop and are using it to construct their weapons in order to launch an attack across the world. The four men dispatch themselves to the North Pole after being given coordinates.

At the workshop the elves are being worked hard to create the weapons before midnight. Santa Claus is shown to have gone rogue and is on the side of the Combine. He reveals his plan to launch a counter attack across the world using his sleigh, which will lead to the Combine successfully taking over the planet once again in a mere few hours.

The four men infiltrate the workshop, where it is empty. They shoot down a Combine Elite and demand what happened to the weapons, in which he reveals they are already in the sleigh and ready for dispatching. The men try and hurry, only for Santa to fly off into the night. Simon finds an abandoned airboat, which they use to flee the North Pole. They are contacted by Eli, who reveals that Santa is on his way to Christmas Town. They themselves head in that direction.

Upon arriving at Christmas Town they find it in chaos. The place has Combine Mines set up around the place, and the Combine foot patrol start attacking citizens. Santa flies around Christmas Town on his sleigh and dispatches more mines, as well as headcrabs, rollermines and manhacks. Arming himself with a rocket launcher, Dan shoots at the sleigh causing Santa to crash into the street.

The crew approach Santa, where he is unmasked and revealed to be none other than Frank Blackstone. Frank shows his contempt for Christmas, revealing he never had a good experience with the holiday and is lashing out. The crew try and reason with Frank, revealing that it is never too late to enjoy the holiday. Frank seems to come round, but proclaims that nothing will change and he tries to kill the crew, only to be shocked by a vortigaunt and taken into custody.

Eli and his daughter Alyx arrive in Christmas Town by helicopter and bring along a clean up crew (which consists of elves) who then help put back together the town and lock away the Combine Monsters. Eli states that this was the last remaining members of the fallen Combine Empire, and that it should now officially be over. Nathan, Dan and Simon go to join Don's party, and Eli and Alyx come along also.

The party is in full swing and a lot of characters make cameo appearances. Eli Vance receives a gift - a brand new leg, and is almost brought to tears of joy.

Nathan slips off into the night, and comes across the Antlion Guard that Frank used to guide the sleigh. He uses the creature to fly him off into the night.






The story shares little continuity with the primary City 17 Street series, in terms of setting and characters. The story acts as if it precedes the series finale from earlier in the year, however more or less acts as a prequel as a lot of characters are alive. The Combine are also seen to still being in some sort of control of earth, whereas they were defeated in the series proper back in 2007.

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