Happy-Ville is a cancelled prequel to City 17 Street, which was originally written in December 2010 but scrapped. It was to take place prior to the Combine Invasion of Earth, but after the Black Mesa Incident and would star Nathan Johnson, Chell Johnson and numerous other characters.

It was intended to be a more family friendly show, and would be created using The Sims 3.


The story took place just after the Black Mesa Incident, in which Nathan is now settled with wife Chell, and their children Darren, Billy and newborn daughter Samantha.

Intended to run a few episodes, the climax would have seen the Seven Hour War occurring when the Combine invaded earth, and followed by Nathan's capture which would run into the events of City 17 Street. Although production did start, it was later scrapped and written story plans are now lost.


Some elements were used in the 2014 spin-off New World, which takes place in an alternative continuity to Half-Life and depicts Nathan with his wife Samantha and their son Gareth.

The town Happy Ville is used as a setting in the spin-off Unforeseen Consequences: G-Man Chronicles, in which The G-Man (under the identity of Frank Blackstone) moves to the town as part of his new life.


  • In the City 17 Street continuity, Chell is not the mother to Nathan's sons Darren and Billy, despite that being claimed in the prequel.

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