"Halloween Special 3"
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31 October 2008




31 October 2008

"Halloween Special 3" is City 17 Streets third Halloween Special that aired on the 31 October 2008. This episode is based off Saw which sees Nathan Johnson and Mr. Green locked in a bathroom by a serial killer (who is The G-Man) and one of them is required to cut off their foot to survive. This episode is not canon to the main series.



Nathan Johnson awakens in a disused Industrial bathroom to find himself chained to a pipe. At the opposite end is Mr. Green who he thought to have killed a couple of months previously. Mr. Green himself is also chained to the pipe and just as confused. As the pair bicker and blame each other and throw accusations about either one of them being the culprit, a television in the room activates. It reveals The G-Man, who says that it is a pre-recording and although he is now dead he wants to test how far the pair of them will go to survive. G-Man gives Nathan and Mr. Green the goal to use a hacksaw and hack off their foot in order to reach a gun in the middle of the room and shoot the other, and the last man standing is the winner and can go free.


  • City 17 Street which take many elements from the Saw franchise in the next two years, which sees a serial killer named Chicken Man abduct people and put them in deadly traps just like the Jigsaw Killer.


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