"Halloween Special 2016: Clowns of the Living Dead"


October 2016


Clown Craze


Episode Number(s)

Halloween Special 2016: Clowns of the Living Dead is a storyline for City 17 Street in October 2016. It is the tenth anniversary Halloween Special for the series, and is part of the Redux initiative.


Prelude (21 October 2016)

Holly Hills goes to investigate the whereabouts of her reanimated sister Paisley Hills, and soon finds herself at a small coastal town. Coming across an abandoned warehouse, she is soon trapped and sends out a distress signal to the Agency. Dan Mason finds the signal, and informs Nathan Johnson that Holly is in danger. Nathan heads to the coast to find her, and soon realises that the dead have been reanimated.

Holly save Hannah Robertson and they make their escape. They soon find out that a man named Dr. Chester Franklin is responsible for the dead coming back.

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