The Half-Life Fan-Fiction Wikia (formerly the Half-Life Fanon Wikia) is a wikia where you can write fan stuff related to the Half-Life universe by Valve Software, which can include the characters, locations and elements featured across the series.


The Wikia originally started out as a fanon wikia for the Half-Life video game series, and was originally co-founded by Spartan-091 on the 23 March 2010.

After years of not much activity, a user named NathanJohnson became active on the 1 November 2013 and used the wikia as a basis to document information of his Half-Life fan-fiction series City 17 Street, which he had been writing for seven years. In June 2014 he put in a request to adopt the wikia, which was accepted and he gained Bureaucrat and Admin rights.

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