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Half-Life: The Series


10 July 2006

Created by

Nathan Johnson


Unknown Combine City, Combine Pool, Combine Factory, Xen


Drama, Action

Half-Life: The Series was a two-part TV Series which acted as the follow up to Half-Life 2: Episode One. The two episodes aired in July 2006, and it is credited as acting as an unofficial pilot to City 17 Street. A special third episode is planned for an August 2016 - over ten years since the airing of episode two.


Part 1

10th July 2006

Following the destruction of City 17, Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance find themselves in another Combine run city. They are captured and taken to a swimming pool, which is filled with Ichthysaurs and they (along with other captured Resistance) must walk across a narrow catwalk across the pool to reach the other end, without being caught and eaten by the creatures.

A couple of citizens go first, but end up falling into the pool. Gordon and Alyx decide to go for it and make their way across the narrow walk, with Combine jeering them. However Alyx loses her footing and ends up pluging into the water, and despite Gordon's best efforts, a Ichthysaur grabs Alyx's and pulls her under the water and to her death.

Gordon manages to make it to the other side of the pool but ends up being chased down by Combine troops. Equipping himself with a gun he shoots his way out of the facility and uses a vehicle to make his escape. Having lost the Combine, he grieves for Alyx but decides to continue on for the fight for humanity.

Part 2

14th July 2006

Gordon finds himself breaking into a Combine factory located in the Coast. While trying to destroy their machines which are building Synth hybrids, Gordon ends up being caught in a machine where thousands of pins are shot into his body. The metallic pins end up under his skin, creating a protective sheet which makes Gordon safe from gunshot wounds. Reaching a bathroom and in pain, Gordon sees his appearance has changed radically, he is thinner in appearance and has a gaunt face and finds he resembles The G-Man.

Part 3

July 2016

Under the guise of G-Man, Freeman realises the Combine still need defeated and recruits Shephard to take them down once and for all.


In July 2016 Nathan expressed plans to possibly turn it into a fully fledged series in order to replace the now defunct City 17 Street. The story will feature Adrian Shephard as the protagonist in a post-Combine world working alongside Gordon Freeman (who will fully occupy the G-Man's role) in order to deal with monsters both earth originated and also in the larger universe and across multiple dimensions.


  • The ending of the second installment which shows that Gordon Freeman has become The G-Man is a reference to a common fan theory that G-Man is Gordon Freeman from the future.


In July 2016 Half-Life: The Series was bundled along with the original four episodes of City 17 Street under the name of City 17 Street: The Beginning.

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