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Half-Life: Chronicles
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10 August 2016

Created by

Nathan Johnson


Black Mesa, City 17


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Half-Life: Chronicles is a comic series by Nathan Johnson, which takes place in an alternative timeline to Half-Life. It was originally made in 2008 as short comic strips, however these became lost when deleted from Imageshack. In August 2016 the series was remade as part of the "Redux" initiative the relaunch of Nathan's City 17 Street universe.

They are made using Garry's Mod, with resources taken from Half-Life: Source, Half-Life Deathmatch: Source and Half-Life 2.


Half-Life: Chronicles takes place in an alternative universe to the main Half-Life world, and deals with a cowardly Gordon Freeman and his exploits during the Black Mesa Incident and later the Combine occupation.


  • Gordon Freeman - the protagonist from the Half-Life games, Freeman is depicted as cowardly and has an extreme phobia of cats, which makes his peers question his ability to help save humanity from alien rule.
  • The G-Man - a talk show host turned universal bureaucrat, G-Man is Freeman's employer who is trying to set him on the path to help free humanity from Combine slavery.
  • Alyx Vance - Dr. Eli Vance's sexy daughter. Although idolizing Freeman as a kid, she soon comes to realise he isn't the man she thought he was, especially due to his rather wimpish nature.
  • Dr. Isaac Kleiner - Freeman's teacher from university who is working on developing teleportation technology to overthrow the Combine. Despite knowing Freeman's cowardly ways he is still confident Freeman will full-fill his task to help the resistance.
  • Barney Calhoun - a rather lazy civil protection officer and Freeman's best friend.


The comic was originally made for an internet forum back in 2008. The photos were originally taken in Half-Life: Source with text added using Microsoft Paint and to give a more humorous outlook on the Half-Life universe. A couple more episodes were then made using Garry's Mod and resources from Half-Life Source and Half-Life Deathmatch Source.

The images later became lost due to being deleted from Imageshack. In August 2016 NathanJohnson decided to remake the series, and remade an episode "The G-Man Show" almost shot for shot like he originally done it, then followed it up with a sequel.


Episode 1: The G-Man Show

Episode 2: Cat Sequel

Episode 3: Delay


  • The G-Man Show comic is based off a segment from the now defunct online series The G-Man Squad.

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