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Gordon Freeman is a scientist and agent who was involved in the Black Mesa Incident and then years later assisted the Resistance in taking down the Combine.

After the Combine's downfall Freeman went on the run. He would eventually be captured by the Clandestine Company and conditioned to become Combine Freeman, a weapon to be used against the Resistance or anyone who oppose the Company's plans.

Gordon acts as a minor recurring antagonist in City 17 Street as he comes to blows with the series' protagonist Nathan Johnson. He appears as the primary antagonist in the story An End and a New Beginning, which acts as the conclusion to Nathan's story.

The character makes an appearance in the spin-off Unforeseen Consequences: G-Man Chronicles which follows on from the events of City 17 Street. Although not involved in the main story during the "present day" segments, he does have a subplot showing him in a depressive and suicidal mood.


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Black Mesa Incident

Note: This takes place in an alternative and heavily modified timeline which is not in anyway canon to the original Half-Life or its sequels, and only uses elements from these games.

Gordon Freeman got a job at the Black Mesa Research Facility and was suggested by his mentor Isaac Kleiner. Freeman earned friendships at the facility with one of them being security guard Barney Calhoun, and Freeman entered into a relationship with Gina Cross. After spending months there Freeman got his sister Georgina a job at the facility working in the office complex.

Freeman didn't make it to the test chamber as during the Black Mesa Hazard Course he failed every test due to clumsiness, and attacked a scientist when hallucinating him as a humanoid frog. When security went to arrest Freeman, he began gunning down the guards and tried to attack Gina's training hologram (not realising it could not be harmed). Freeman escaped the facility on a tram and stole a jeep, where he made his escape out in the New Mexico desert.

Someone else ended up taking Freeman's place to deliver the test which triggered the Black Mesa Incident. This person posed as Freeman during the incident, and due to all the records being wiped as part of the cover up, Freeman's massacre was never released and even a small minority themselves at the facility knew about it. Due to this Freeman was looked upon as the saviour of humanity.

The Uprising

Leaving G-Man


Leaving City 17


Combine Freeman

Other tasks

Taking City 17

This episode slightly contradicts earlier accounts, and seems to discredit a lot of episodes.

Under the new namestake of The Dark One, Gordon Freeman is in control of the Clandestine Company troops. It is revealed he was the mastermind of the takeover of City 17, and that Derek Robertson was his proxy.

His identity is left unclear until he is confronted by enemy Nathan Johnson at the citadel. Freeman is seen operating in the late Wallace Breen's office, and has Nathan trapped in a stalker pod. When his agents leave the room, Freeman unmasks himself, much to Nathan's shock.

Going by Freeman's account, since the death of Eli Vance nearly ten years prior, and the lack of assignments, he came to the conclusion he was a mere pawn. Freeman admits he only helped the resistance due to the fact he was inclined, mostly because of The G-Man's influence, and everything he has done was for other people's benefit. He states that Alyx had little to no contact with him after her father's death, and felt used and cheated. Freeman eventually found the Clandestine Company, but rather than become their pawn or hired killer, he took control and started using others as proxies, most notably Derek Robertson, who Freeman used as a face to the Company to deter attention away from him. Freeman also notes that he believes the Combine will one day return, and that the Resistance aren't prepared, and even if they were they'd still be hopeless as it was all down to him that the reason the Combine were defeated.

Dark Freeman claims him and Nathan are the same. Despite this cliche, he points out that the pair of them have just been pawns to others, and that this impending invasion will bring much power and promise. Freeman admits that despite his plans to enslave humanity, he is doing it in preparation to fight against the Combine. He will also pardon Nathan's previous attempts to kill him, as like Freeman he was influenced by G-Man.

Despite this, Nathan disagrees with Freeman and defies him. Freeman is angry, but later puts it aside and says he will execute Nathan. But Alyx and Chell infiltrate the office and Freeman makes his escape, planning to activate his death portal.


Nathan confronts Freeman by the citadel's dark portal - where Freeman himself confronted and "killed" Breen ten years prior. Freeman activates the dark portal, which is due to open in 5 minutes. Freeman gives Nathan a chance to save the world from his alien allies, and opts to fist fight Nathan, to see if he is worthy. Nathan agrees, but Freeman kicks him to the ground and points a gun at him. But in quick thinking Nathan uses a concealed laser knife to stab Freeman in the knee, causing him to fall to the ground. Nathan then stabs Freeman in the chest, presumably killing him. Nathan unmasks his opponent and saying a few words of goodbyes, takes his key card and heads back to his office to stop the portal opening.

Presumed demise

Freeman is shown not to be dead and he reawakens. He plans to make an escape from the citadel and go into hiding, but at that moment witnesses the Dark Portal self destruct (which was down to Nathan) and sits there and allows himself to be consumed in the ensuing blast.

Survival and mental deterioration

Somehow surviving the blast, Freeman put behind his wish to dominate the universe and began living as a recluse. A year on since his failed takeover attempt, he is now addicted to drugs and suffering mental health problems. He grieves over the past, and realises it is soon to be ten years since Eli Vance's death and since "the mission" to find the Borealis was aborted. As he curses the gods, he starts to swallow some pills and drinks heavily. As he gazes up at a symbol of the lambda logo on his wall, he falls asleep.


Many years in the future, a more downtrodden and older Gordon Freeman patrols the wastelands and keeps a few pet antlions. Every so often he drives by and looks on at what used to be City 17, which is now a ghost town.

Alternative timelines

The Citizen Chronicles

New World


Unlike his heroic image as depicted in the Half-Life games or word of mouth through other characters, Gordon Freeman's depiction in the finale paints him as cold and bitter. He claims he only killed aliens at Black Mesa for his own survival, and helped the resistance as he was inclined to help with fighting the Combine. Freeman is shown to be bitter at feeling "used" and feels complete contempt for the rest of humanity, as they were unable to fight the Combine and were only freed due to him.

Freeman lived in isolation after the Uprising, and felt angry at being ignored by Alyx, failing to see that she was grieving for her late father. Despite seemingly having a good relationship with Eli (who even called Gordon "son"), Freeman shows detest for the old man, and admits to only playing along and being nice to him so he can "have his daughter [Alyx]".

Despite this though, Freeman does insist he is taking over humanity to ensure that the Combine cannot return, and in his eyes he is doing them a favour. But he still displays a big ego and a feeling of superiority.

Freeman also shows lack of honour, as he challenges Nathan to a fair fist fight, but after kicking him down pulls out a gun on Nathan, plotting to execute him.

Despite this, Freeman (post faked death) is shown to be living as a recluse, suffering depression and other health problems and is relying on different types of medication. He appears to show deep remorse for the past, and grieves for Alyx and Eli despite showing previous contempt for them.


  • Gordon Freeman is the main protagonist and playable character in the Valve video game series Half-Life.
  • The character's history in the series deviates quite a lot from his portrayal in the Half-Life series, and depicts him more as a villain than hero. As the series progresses it makes out Freeman's history as depicted in the original Half-Life is completely false.


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