"Gordon Freeman's Revenge"


February 2008


"Exploring City 17"


"The Death of Dr. Icky"

Episode Number(s)


Gordon Freeman's Revenge was a two-part story as part of the City 17 Street Garry's Mod Era and was shown in February 2008. It was remade in August 2015. It features Gordon Freeman as the anti-hero and also stars G-Man, Wallace Breen, Nathan Johnson and guest stars Charlie Breen.

Although a City 17 Street story, it is set in City 45 and takes place after an unspecified amount of time after Half-Life 2.


Part 1

Part 2



Part 1

Part 2


  • This features the debut appearance of Charlie Breen - the son of Wallace Breen, who would later return in the New World storyline in December 2014, and is due to reappear in the primary continuity in 2016.

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