Gm construct in 2015

Gm_construct in 2016.

Gm_construct is a map available in the game Garry's Mod. It has featured in the Johnson-Verse in numerous episodes, most nobly in City 17 Street. It is normally depicted as a massive park located in City 17.

Appearances in City 17 Street

In 2008 The G-Man planned to build a retail park over gm_construct along with his business partner Richard Woods. But Richard betrayed G-Man at the building site and hit him over the head with a spade, then dumped his corpse in the waters of gm_construct. Richard stole from the business, thus work on the new retail outlet ceased. This version used the fan-made gm_construct2008 map. Gm_construct9 (from Garry's Mod 9) was also used.

The Garry's Mod 13 version of the map (which was first released in 2012) was featured during the final moments of the New Combine Civil War in which of New Combine troops attacked the roof of a large building that Nathan Johnson was defending. Despite holding off the troops until the Resistance arrived, the New Combine successfully gained power.

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