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For the character in Half-Life see Gina Cross.

Dr. Gina Freeman (née Cross) was a holographic assistant and scientist at the Black Mesa Research Facility and is the wife of Gordon Freeman. She appeared in a special set of episodes in City 17 Street in July 2007.


Gina Cross worked as a holographic assistant at the Black Mesa Research Facility, and worked with her future husband Gordon Freeman. During the Black Mesa Incident, she teamed up with partner Colette Green and somehow managed to escape.

Years later she joined up with the Resistance as a medic and also worked as a part time vet for Xenian type creatures and also remaining earth animals. She examined Isaac Kleiner's pet cat, unaware he was to use it for a teleportation experiment. She later went onto marry Gordon Freeman in a big wedding, but he had to go away on business.



  • Gina is based off the character Gina Cross who originally appeared as a hologram for the Black Mesa Hazard Course training level in the original Half-Life, who then appeared as one of two playable characters in the PS2 coop game Half-Life: Decay along with Colette Green.
  • She was originally going to appear more after Gordon Freeman's story arc, however the character ended up being cut short and only appeared in four episodes (with the first two being sent in present day with the latter two as flashback appearances).

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