Gerald Peterson is a detective working for the City 17 Police Department and the protagonist of the City 17 Street revival series of the same name.


Gerald Peterson worked at the Black Mesa Research Facility as a scientist in the teleportation labs. Shortly after the resonance cascade which triggered the Black Mesa Incident, he discovered a set of files containing confidential information pertaining to the incident. He downloaded the information onto a floppy disc and managed to escape the facility with his wife Lisa and their daughter Samia. Having somehow gotten away and evaded the government, they boarded a plane to Europe.

Two days later Gerald and his family hid out at a seaside home owned by friends of theirs. Gerald pondered what to do with the information he had and decided to go to the police. However when out, The G-Man and his associate Viktor Rascalov, with several black ops soldiers, arrived at the home and held Lisa and Samia hostage in order to lure Gerald back and hand over the disc. Gerald snuck into the compound and managed to take out the black ops soldiers, however was attacked and subdued by Viktor, who then fatally shot Gerald. Once G-Man retrieved the disc, he ordered Viktor to execute Lisa and Samia. Gerald then passed out.

After awakening Gerald found his wife and daughter on the floor, having both been shot. Lisa was dead, however Samia barely clung onto life. With all his strength Gerald picked Samia up and carried her away as the authorities arrived. The pair of them were taken to hospital and saved. The investigation was unable to be taken further with the opening of portal storms across the earth which let through rogue aliens, which subsequently led to the arrival of the Combine and the Seven Hour War, leading to humanity's enslavement by the alien empire. Gerald and Samia ended up being separated.


  • The character was originally created and planned to appear back in 2012, but nothing came to pass. Gerald was then going to be used in a planned series titled Black Mesa, but when it didn't make it past the pilot stage he was instead recycled for a revival of City 17 Street.



City 17 Street (2017 Series)

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