Georgina Freeman
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Gordon Freeman (father)


Georgina Freeman is the daughter of Gordon Freeman and Gina Cross.


Georgina was born a year after the fall of the Combine Empire. She was dubbed the "Child of the Freeman" by the Vortigaunts.

Behind the Scenes

  • The character only appeared briefly during a comic strip in 2010 with no lines of dialogue and was credited as "Samantha". In 2015 storyline treatments for a sequel to City 17 Street taking place decades after a planned epilogue was being written which would feature the daughter of Gordon Freeman grown up. Her name was changed to Georgina and although not stated in the series itself she was written as also being the daughter of Gina Cross - one of the two protagonists from Half-Life: Decay who appeared for four episodes of City 17 Street back in 2007. But this story never went ahead, and although Georgina was intended to be introduced in 2017 it was decided to instead rewrite the character as the younger sister of Freeman for the prequel series Black Mesa. For that character see Georgina Freeman (Black Mesa).
    • NathanJohnson confirmed that (even though their are no plans for an introduction as of yet) a daughter of Freeman and Cross by the name of Georgina does still exit in his Half-Life fan-fiction expanded universe and happens to share a same name with Freeman's sister, hinting that Freeman named his daughter after her.

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