"G-Man's Game"
Hannah 14


28 September 2007


"The Kidnapping of Hannah Robertson"


"Against the Clock"

Episode Number(s)



Hannah attempts to infiltrate the citadel only to be captured by G-Man's men. G-Man successfully becomes City 17's new administrator, but reveals to Nathan that he intends to dispose of Hannah instead of handing her back to her father. Nathan has guilt and refuses to let her die as G-Man has gotten what he wants. Amused that Nathan is now opposing him and is showing some sort of care for the girl, he decides to test Nathan's loyalty by sending him on the outskirts of City 17 and ordering him to go on a long dangerous journey through the canals, Ravenholm, the Coast, Nova Prospekt and all the way back to City 17 within a week and see how determined he is to rescue Hannah. Nathan takes up the challenge, seeing as he now has no choice in the matter.



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