Funeral is the eleventh and final episode in the first series of City 14


Mourners gather at Samantha's funeral. Her killer - Derrick, watches from the distance, before departing City 14 for good.


  • For a time being this acted as the finale to City 14, as five months later its sister series City 17 Street was revived with the episode "Pool of Death".
  • This episode features the last appearances of Derek Robertson and Laura Peterson although the pair do later return in City 17 Street. Derek returns in the episode "Legacy of F.E.A.R." before making another appearance at the end of 2010, and Laura returns in May 2013 as a semi-recurring character.
  • This wasn't originally going to be the final episode, as an "Epilogue" chapter was planned, which would have seen the debut of Samantha's sister Hannah Robertson. Hannah would later debut in City 17 Street in the episode "The Kidnapping of Hannah Robertson".

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