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Freddy Burbank is a young citizen who was transferred to Nova Prospekt by the Combine in order to get experimented upon. He teamed up with Walter Bennett to escape.



Freddy Burbank was the childhood friend of Nathan Johnson. In his childhood he ended up meeting a group known as The Elders whom he joined to become part of their universal plans and ideologies. Nathan was unaware of the true reason for his friend's departure, only assuming he moved away and they lost contact. Over the years Freddy went under brainwashing techniques and later became a representative and field agent for the Elders, eventually adopting the alias "G-Man" and part-taking in different assignments across the dimensions. Over the years he forgot his true connection to Nathan, although would take an interest him during the Combine occupation.

Freddy went on a mission to the Black Mesa Research Facility and spied on Gordon Freeman, eventually placing him into stasis and ordering the facility to be nuked by his agent Andy Shephard.

Meeting Walter Bennet

Freddy took on the guise of a citizen in City 17, and found himself being transported to Nova Prospekt. During the train ride he met Walter Bennet and the pair casually befriended each other. Freddy used this opportunity to gain entrance to Nova Prospekt for unknown purposes. Along with Walter they escaped the prison and smuggled aboard a rail train, and headed back to City 17.

Using Walter, Freddy began to work his way into a section of the resistance that Nathan had worked for before his departure from City 17. Freddy received the orders from the Elders to track down Nathan and monitor his actions, but first he needed to know where he headed to. Freddy found out from Nathan's friend Simon Simms that Nathan transferred to City 14.

Employing Nathan

Freddy, back under the alias of G-Man, began to monitor Nathan's activities in City 17 and took interest in his abnormal ways of survival and also being able to jump dimensions flawlessly. Freddy later employed Nathan, with neither men remembering their childhood connections (as Nathan couldn't look past Freddy's advanced aging).

Apparent Death

Due to failing his employers, the Elders decided to have Freddy killed for his failings. They hired a hitman named Richard Woods to assassinate him. Richard lured Freddy into a false sense of security and taking advantage of his recent problems wanted to go into business with him, which Freddy agreed to. But one night at Freddy's office Richard attacked him with a blunt object, then proceeded to stuff his corpse into a box and dumped it in a river.

Freddy survived, and murdered a man and placed him in his place. The body was found, leading to officials to believe it was Freddy's (although he was buried as G-Man). Freddy went into hiding and started living in the mountains of the Outlands. The Elders employed his successor Frank Blackstone to act as the new G-Man, although Frank became more ruthless and out of control and later left the group and worked freelance. During Frank's activities, those familiar with G-Man assumed both Frank and Freddy were the same person.

Over the next several years Freddy started looking into his past and discovered his true identity and connection to Nathan. Monitoring Nathan's activities and war with the Clandestine Company, Freddy started buying his time and plotted to get revenge on the Elders for ruining his life.



Behind the Scenes

Freddy was introduced for the second series of stories of City 17 Street in January 2007, and made two appearances in "Return to 17" and "Walter and Freddy". Not much was thought of the character at first, and he didn't become hugely relevant to the remainder of the series and wasn't brought back for the following series of stories starting with "Pool of Death". Even with Walter Bennett's return appearances from 2009 to 2011, and again in 2016, Freddy wasn't reintroduced or even mentioned.

In 2016 it was planned to bring him back briefly for the "Fall of Clandestine" arc which would act as the series finale overall. In this story Freddy acted as a fighter pilot who would get shot down and killed by a Cremator. But this ended up being scrapped. In the quasi-reboot/re-imagining/sequel City 17 Street: Redux, it was decided to re-invent and re-introduce the Freddy character, and merge him with the G-Man character (previously occupied by Frank Blackstone) and give him a connection to the protagonist Nathan Johnson. Elements were also taken from a previously cut character also named Freddy (where the name Burbank now comes from) who was originally going to be brought in early in the series as Nathan's villainous friend, but nothing went ahead.

Lots of reworkings and retcons were required. With the introduction of the new faction known as The Elders, it was decided to give the impression that there are more than one G-Man. It was decided to retcon the early episodes of the series, and made out the G-Man whom appeared from 2007 to 2008 is Freddy Burbank, rather than Frank Blackstone as previously believed. This would act as a backstory to the Redux storyline of the series, and properly re-introduce Freddy as Nathan's childhood friend.

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