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For the character he is based off, see The G-Man.

Frank Blackstone, also known as The G-Man, is an inter-dimensional agent, criminal and freelance assassin who oversaw the events of the Black Mesa Incident as well as the Combine's invasion of earth. He is the employer of Gordon Freeman, Nathan Johnson and several other individuals whom he uses for his own gain. He is the antihero and primary antagonist of City 17 Street and appears regularly in the role of Nathan's archenemy. He later appeared in the second series of the spin-off City 14, again as the primary protagonist but this time in conflict with Holly Hills.

During his journey in the series he goes from a mysterious bureaucrat like his depiction in the Half-Life series of games, but begins to forge his own identity and purpose: the primary goal being mass domination of the earth. However during the character's history he sometimes "sides" with his enemies to give advise and oversee the conquer of a larger threat, but mostly thinks about himself and his own goals.



Much of Frank's earlier life is unclear. He was born on the 11 September 1956, and according to his records was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York to a criminal father, although it is unknown if this was faked. Even if his real surname is unknown (due to taking the surname Blackstone much later in his life). At some point he joined an unknown agency in the United States and dealt with an unknown catastrophe which earned him the admiration and later employment of a clandestine group known as The Elders (or "employers" as Frank referred to them as).

Black Mesa

Visiting the Black Mesa Research Facility

Frank (operating under the alias of G-Man) along with his colleague "G-Woman" (alias Louise Gomez) infiltrated the Black Mesa Research Facility in New Mexico, a government research facility specialising in teleportion, as well as researching alien species. Frank posed as a United States Government official claiming to be sent by the Department of Defense. He spent around three months at the Black Mesa Research Facility, where he took an interest in Gordon Freeman and corresponded with the facility's administrator Wallace Breen.

During his visits and observations at the facility, Frank also traveled to the Santego Military Base in Arizona where he watched the training of Adrian Shephard in the weeks building up to the Black Mesa Incident, which the G-Man knew was about to occur.

Unforeseen Consequences

Frank continued to make contact with Doctor Breen. A week prior to the Black Mesa Incident he delivered a sample from the Xen Borderworld which was a crystal. On the day of the test in which it was going to be analyzed G-Man spoke with Breen's right hand man Viktor Rascalov (a scientist at the facility), an interaction witnessed by Freeman although he was unable to hear it as the room Frank was speaking in was locked and had sound proof glass for windows.

Prior to Freeman pushing the sample into the beam and initiating the (unforeseen) incident, Frank approached Eli Vance and whispered him a warning to "prepare for Unforeseen Consequences". Eli (who had suspicions about the impending test before) tried to stop the experiment commencing, but was too late and the Black Mesa Incident was triggered, leading to a gateway to the Xen dimension to be opened and alien invaders to arrive.


Frank surveyed Freeman's journey during the Black Mesa Incident, as well as Corporal Shephard's (as he and the military were sent to the facility to kill the staff and cover it up). Frank placed Freeman into stasis after giving him a job offer, and after contesting the life of Shephard managed to retrieve him and detain him in an unknown location. At this time Frank detonated a nuke and destroyed the facility and everything in it. Despite this portal storms raged across earth unleashing Xenian wildlife across the planet. This attracted a great threat, the Universal Union (or the Combine) which resulted in the human race being enslaved by the empire and Breen appointed as their administrator of the earth's forces. Whether or not Frank was part of this scheme is unknown.

City 17 Street

Working with the Combine

After the Seven Hour War G-Man began working for the Combine and the earth administrator Wallace Breen, although how much control they had over G-Man is unclear.

In 2007 G-Man was drawn to a citizen named Nathan Johnson and seeing his adventures and will to survive, he considered him for employment. G-Man drew Nathan to Breen's office in the citadel by kidnapping his friend Holly Hills, but Nathan messed up by releasing Breen's prized Scanner collection, resulting in Breen banishing both him and Holly from the citadel. G-Man wasn't too pleased as he went through a lot of effort to draw Nathan in, but still believed that he will be a good asset.

In fact, Nathan ended up being forced to work for Breen a mere couple of days later. When Nathan and Holly infiltrated the citadel to deal with Breen, G-Man recaptured her as Breen wanted Nathan to help him stop Gordon Freeman. But Nathan failed to stop Freeman, who later killed Breen in a stand-off. But these events were reversed when Nathan reloaded a previous save.

Planned takeover

After G-Man was betrayed by Freeman who "left" his employment, he hired Nathan to kill Freeman. G-Man captured Nathan's friend Simon Simms to make sure he does the job correctly. Nathan ends up killing a body double of Freeman and when G-Man inspects the body, the pair of them are run down by the real Gordon Freeman. But Freeman ends up leaving City 17 and fleeing to the Outlands, and G-Man concentrates of taking over City 17.

After Breen is killed by a Bullsquid G-Man hopes he will now replace him as earth administrator. Unfortunately though John Robertson is assigned in the role, leaving G-Man angry. Finding out John has a daughter named Hannah, G-Man sends Nathan to snatch the girl, which he does. G-Man is able to bargain with John, who resigns from his position and lets G-Man assume the role. But G-Man betrays John and plots to keep Hannah. Feeling guilty, Nathan betrays G-Man and rescues Hannah. G-Man attempts to escape City 17 in a teleporter, but Nathan destroys it, causing the machine to explode and costume both G-Man and himself.

G-Man's World

G-Man ended up traveling back in time, and in the process altered the universe so he was the earth administrator for the Combine in the place of Wallace Breen. He leaves the city in complete disrepair (worse than Breen ever was) and starts pumping a toxin in the air which will slowly transform some citizens into G-Man Zombies.

Nathan ended up arriving in G-Man's timeline. G-Man captured Hannah and plotted to kill both her and Nathan and end them for good. Nathan teamed up with Alyx Vance and the pair of them faced off G-Man at Isaac Kleiner's lab. Nathan killed G-Man, and used Kleiner's portal to alter the timeline back to normal and sent him back to his time, where he was welcomed back to a world where the Combine were finally defeated.

G-Man was saved by an evil version of Nathan Johnson from a alternative timeline in the future. The evil Nathan was in charge of a group known as the Clandestine Company and had complete domination of City 17, but wanted to rule the wider multiverse. He employed G-Man to act as his advisor, and said that G-Man was right all along. G-Man was pleased that Nathan "saw the light" and helped him by gaining new contacts in order to strengthen the organization. But Evil Nathan is overthrown, and finds himself imprisoned on the Xen borderworld. G-Man goes to see him, ensuring him he will continue his work one day. Following this, G-Man returned back to the normal timeline.

Business deals

Having no interest in pursuing Nathan, he planned to set up his own empire in the post-Combine world and set up his own construction company to help with repairing the damage left over by the Combine. One of his projects also involved converting Gm construct into a retail park.

Whilst attending a funeral G-Man met a businessman named Richard Woods, who took an interest in G-Man's venture and wanted to assist him. G-Man was happy and began receiving support from Richard, with the two men plunging their money into the reconstruction of Gm Construct. However unaware to G-Man, Richard was just as much a conman as him.

One night at the building site Richard attacked G-Man with a shovel. Presumably killing him, Richard crammed G-Man's corpse into a box and threw it in the river, and proceeded to steal the money from their office. But G-Man survived the incident, and ended up killing a man named Frank Blackstone and stole the man's identity and placed his body in his place and threw it back into the river. G-Man confronted Richard and threatened him with death. Richard pleaded for his life, and G-Man decided to let him go, saying that he will live in constant fear over his possible return. G-Man then left City 17 under his new identity as Frank Blackstone.

Presumed death

The body of the real Frank Blackstone was discovered a couple of months later. It was identified as G-Man's and buried under his name. G-Man watched from the distance as people came to pay their respects, which surprisingly included Nathan. Richard attended the funeral also to keep up appearances, but knew deep down that the whole thing was a sham. G-Man again left City 17 after 'his' burial.

Over the next year and a half he operated under Frank and set up his own distillery and began a smuggling business. As he was now working as Frank, he had a clean record and was able to start afresh without suspicion.

To keep up appearances further Frank married a woman named Karen and adopted her three triplet daughters, in order to give the persona of him being a loving family man whilst at the same time working as a criminal. Although not at his usual height of power, Frank was fine with his way of life.


Eighteen months since his 'death', Nathan discovered that G-Man was alive during a revenge mission where he was about to execute Richard. In his last moments Richard ended up confessing that G-Man is still alive. Nathan was shocked, and after executing Richard began working on where G-Man was hiding.

Nathan tracked G-Man (now Frank) to his distillery in another city. Frank discovered that his old nemesis was coming for him and planned to kill Nathan. As Nathan entered a cellar, Frank surprise attacked him and during a struggle Frank was close to shooting Nathan dead, however Nathan used a wrench on his person to hit Frank hard over the head, and presumably killed him. In panic Nathan fled the scene without properly checking Frank's body.

Conflict with Nathan and Hannah

Frank of course survived and was enraged at his attack. Gathering funds he returned to City 17 to work on his rise to power. But his criminal lifestyle caught up with him and Frank was locked up in prison, but managed to get parole. He made it his goal to take down both Nathan and Hannah and make them pay for his original downfall.

Frank plotted to abduct Hannah and nearly did so by breaking into her home, however she surprise attacked him and caused Frank to flee. After Karen and the children were killed in a house fire, Frank believed Nathan was responsible and plotted to make him pay. Finding out that Nathan was employed with a gangster named Fat Tony Angelo, Frank made contact with the mobster and made a false story that Nathan was going to betray him. Tony was paranoid by this point and lured Nathan to the City 17 Office with the intent to murder him. The two men got into a shootout with one another, resulting in them being fatally wounded with gunfire. The pair of them faked their deaths, although Nathan returned a few weeks later once the heat died down.

Frank soon discovered Nathan wasn't responsible, but he still felt dislike for the man.

Rise and Fall of Mr. Blackstone

A year following Tony's 'death', Nathan seemed to meet his maker for the second time, presumably for good. Frank was satisfied and felt he was able to progress with his plans with interruption. Frank began working at taking over City 17. He married for a second time, this time to Nathan's girlfriend Chell Johnson and the pair of them had a baby together named Chell, whom Frank hoped would become his successor.

Over the next several months Frank worked on taking over City 17's criminal element and met many people along the way. He took on a new potential employer named Red Scout, who was employed with TF Industries decades ago. The Scout appeared to be loyal to Frank, however this was just a ruse as he was in fact a corrupt undercover detective who wished to take over Frank's crime syndicate. Once Frank found out about the betrayal he chased down Scout and gunned him down, and left the man for dead.

Frank moved to City 18 where he planned to expand his organisation. But he ended up being called upon by the one and only Tony Angelo, who wished to use Frank's skills for his own benefit. When Frank was reluctant, Tony made clear there were bigger powers at play than himself. Once Frank was informed on the existence of this power, he decided to help Tony.

Frank worked in human trafficking for the mystery organisation, who used the humans to build their weapons for an upcoming project. But Nathan ended up returning after five months being presumed dead, and had Frank removed from his position. Nathan took on his job under the alias of "Callum Rockwood" and worked to uncover the truth of what was going on.

Frank felt anger at losing another opportunity. He decided to hurt Nathan again, by this time targeting Hannah again. One night Frank sneaked into Hannah's room and strangled her in her bed, killing her in the process.

Enraged, Nathan chased down Frank to the Xen Borderworld where the both men faced off on a floating island. After much confrontation, Nathan fired a portal gun at Frank and evaporated him into thin air. Nathan returned to his own time, feeling he has dealt with Frank.

However deep down Nathan misses his archenemy, and ends up developing a split personality where he ends up as Frank Blackstone. But overtime it turns out this is manipulation by Tony Angelo, who tries to force Nathan over to the side of the Clandestine Company - the organisation in which he works for. Nathan manages to battle with the brainwashing and gains enough self control to hit back at Angelo.

Reunion with Wallace Breen

Back at square one and rock bottom, Frank fell into deep depression and ended up in a care home. Overtime he gained back his sanity and later escaped, and plunged himself into a river to evade the authorities. He is discovered by soldiers who take him in. Frank is shocked to find that Wallace Breen is still alive after all these years, and is planning a takeover of City 17, but with the plan to destroy it. He wants Frank back as his main man, but for them to settle down together. Frank - growing tired of his life - agrees.

Frank and Breen takeover the old citadel in City 17 and abduct Emile Clayton, intending to take her away with them. Nathan infiltrates the citadel to deal with the two men, but ends up being captured and locked in a stalker pod. Frank reveals that he and Breen will be leaving City 17, and once at a safe distance are going to nuke it. They feel that if they can't have the city, no one (including Nathan) can. The two of them (with Emile in tow) escape in a pod and head for Breen's castle in the countryside.

Nathan is saved by his friends and follows the escape pod in a ship. He infiltrates Breen's castle and subdues Frank and rescues Emile. Nathan stops the countdown to City 17's destruction, and rewires it so Breen's headquarters will be destroyed. Nathan shoots Breen and escapes in a helicopter with Emile and a captive Frank in tow, leaving it to be destroyed.

As punishment, Frank is forced to become a servant for Emile's family, much to his dismay and anger.

Consumer of Souls

A few years later, Frank looked to gain back his cosmic bending abilities which he had when working for his "employers" (real name The Elders). Frank had been stripped of these abilities and looked for revenge against his old boss the Elder Supreme. Frank murdered a demonic Bo-Bo the Clown and gained Bo-Bo's supernatural abilities which involved body possessing and soul consuming, although this proved to be a massive mistake as Frank learned that each time he possessed a body he weakened each time, and not only that he was slowly dying. He took over the body of Callum Harper and began plotting a way to extend his life.

Frank wanted to kill the Elder Supreme, as both a revenge plot as well as a way to gain the Elder Supreme's abilities and dominate the multiverse. Frank decided to accomplish this task by attracting the Elders back to Earth, and made plans for a new alien invasion.


Frank has gone under numerous aliases (even Frank Blackstone isn't his real identity, although he uses it the most). Here is the list:-

  • The G-Man: The most noble name he went by before adopting the alias of Frank Blackstone. The G-Man identity was used when he worked as a field agent hiring staff for his mysterious employers. He dropped this identity after becoming Frank Blackstone.
  • Frank Blackstone: After being presumably killed, he murdered a man named Frank Blackstone and stole his identity, then used the real Frank's body to fake his death. Frank has kept hold of his identity for nearly eight-years, and is known well by this name by many people. Since taking this identity he rarely refers to himself as "G-Man".
  • Frank Gorland: Frank temporarily gave himself the surname Gorland. He eventually reverted back to Blackstone.
  • Chell Johnson: Frank adopted Chell's name while online to scout out people he can get close to and use for his own ends.
  • Bo-Bo the Clown: Frank took on this identity when working as a children's entertainer.


Since becoming Frank Blackstone, Frank has displayed a sadistic and cruel nature.


When originally "The G-Man" Frank appeared as a tall, middle aged man with a gaunt appearance in his face. He had black hair shaped like a widows peak, and green-blue eyes. When under this identity he always wore a grey suit and carried a briefcase.

After his attack by Richard Woods, Frank changed his appearance completely. After becoming Frank Blackstone and taking on a criminal career, he began to wear various suits, which were mostly pinstripe double breasted jackets. He also wore a fedora hat which gave him a classic mobster look. Frank ditched his briefcase and was rarely seen with one.

Frank's facial appearance changed dramatically. He had sagging skin, blackened eyes and was missing an ear (which he covered with a bandage) and a horrible deformed appearance. What contributed to this is unknown, although Frank is said to have been taking a mysterious drug which may have altered his appearance. Frank would wear a face mask or prosthetics to cover up his disfigurements, and even managed to make himself look like he originally did as The G-Man. While briefly under the alter ego of Frank Gorland, he had slicked back blonde hair, dark brown eyes and smooth shiny skin.



Frank has had a very diverse career during his life. He worked as a field agent for the "employers" and was involved in delivering a sample to the Black Mesa Research Facility, resulting in the Black Mesa Incident and the world being invaded by aliens.

During the Combine occupation Frank worked as Wallace Breen's henchman. After Breen's death Frank briefly became administrator of City 17 until he lost the role when taken down by Nathan.

In order to fit into civilian life Frank planned to run a property developing business, but this came to a terrible end when his business partner Richard Woods attempted to murder him.

After this Frank started a criminal career, which he hoped would make him the top dog in the City 17 criminal underworld. But after six years in this career he has lost multiple chances as King of City 17, mainly due to always being stopped by his enemies. Frank is looking to return working for the employers and becoming the G-Man, however he has to find a way to prove himself first.

Other jobs include being a children's clown in which he named himself "Bo-Bo" and also worked as a taxi driver and grass cutter.

Behind the Scenes

  • He is based off the G-Man from the Half-Life series who was the employer of Gordon Freeman in Half-Life 2. The character's true motivations and identity has not been disclosed in the Half-Life games as of yet.
  • In his first stint from 2007 to 2008, Frank was credited just as G-Man (just like in the Half-Life games). However on his return in January 2010, the character was given the name Frank Blackstone. His return changed the character from a mysterious government agent into a crazed power hungry mobster and gang leader.
  • His surname Blackstone was inspired from the Half-Life Mod Todegangst, where the G-Man was called Vincent Blackstone.
  • When returning in 2010 his appearance was changed and was based off the Breadwinner from the 2007 game BioShock. Although since then he sometimes changes back to his appearance from Half-Life 2.
  • Although labeled the antagonist of City 17 Street, Frank appears as an anti-hero at times, and sometimes the main protagonist.



Appearances for Frank Blackstone/The G-Man

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