"Family losses"


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Part 1

While still on holiday, Nathan receives the terrible news that his daughter was killed in a road accident. He makes arrangements to return to City 17 and feels angry at himself for not spending enough time with her.

Meanwhile Richard manages to convince a lot of people that G-Man has skipped town and taken all their savings. But Zara is not convinced.

Part 2

Nathan returns to City 17, but finds that Samantha has already been buried. He is approached by Andrea's husband, who admits that he was driving the car when the accident happened. Nathan is angry, but completely flies off the handle when the husband warns Nathan not to lecture him as he hasn't been a good father. Nathan proceeds to beat the guy to death, but in panic buries his body in a nearby woodland. Nathan feels the pressure and guilt that his anger has just killed someone.

Returning to his flat, Nathan is approached by Andrea asking what happened to her husband. Overwhelmed with guilt, Nathan confesses what he did. A scared Andrea calls Nathan a psycho and tries to leave to report him to the police. In a moment of madness Nathan grabs a cable and strangles Andrea, which kills her. He loads her corpse into his car and buries her nearby where her husband was buried. He returns to his flat, depressed and scared of what he has just done.


Part 1

Part 2

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