"Exploring City 17"
Exploring City 17


25 January 2008


"Meaning of Silence"


"Gordon Freeman's Revenge"

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During the Uprising Callum goes on a tour around City 17 and to explore. He comes across an abandoned building and heads to the roof to have a look at City 17 from higher ground. He comes across a crouched Barney Calhoun who warns Callum about "the snipers". "What snipers?" Callum replies but notices a blue laser pointing at his chest. He turns and ends up shot in the arm and falls over the edge and hits the ground, but something broke his fall. He then notices he landed on a man in an orange suit...

"Gordon?" shouted Barney

"Oh shit" thought Callum

Callum walked away quickly whistling, while Barney kept repeating Gordon Freeman's name.



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