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Ermin was a Combine Metrocop who worked under Tony Angelo as a protégé for the New Combine.


Ermin worked as as a civil protection officer during the Combine occupation.

After the fall of the Combine Ermin became indirectly involved with the Clandestine Company with Tony Angelo, who was setting up the New Combine in a bid to takeover City 17. A young and gullible Ermin was taken in and worked under Tony to help him with his goals. Ermin was tasked with befriending Nathan Johnson in order to coax him into helping the New Combine, with the offer of giving up Tony's location (as Nathan wanted to go after him). But this ruse was cut short when Nathan defected and teamed up with the Resistance, although the New Combine succeeded in taking over most of City 17 without his help.

Ermin acted as the face of the New Combine, with Tony pulling his strings from behind the scenes. Ermin became friends with black operative Andy Shephard, unaware he was working undercover for the Resistance. Tony disposed of Andy by having him killed, which upset Ermin who began to regret working under Tony. The regret came into full effect when Ermin found himself being gunned for when a Resistance Government and Russian joined operation planned to destroy him in hoping of ending the New Combine's grip. He realised this was Tony's plan all along, as Tony would be free to continue his influence and avoid detection. Ermin went underground. Thanks to Nathan and Sarah Woods they exposed that Tony was the "true" mastermind behind the New Combine, and he was arrested and sent to prison. The New Combine eventually merged with the Resistance Government and became allies.

In the aftermath, a pardoned Ermin left City 17, although made a final farewell to Nathan beforehand. In a final goodwill gesture, Ermin sent Nathan a happy birthday congratulations by email a few months later, showing they were both on good terms.


After leaving City 17 Ermin returned to his hometown and stayed low. He survived the Race X's attack on earth and ended up going on the run with his younger sister Ellie. The pair of them were captured by Frank Blackstone who had salvaged technology belonging to the Race X such as virtual reality. Ermin and Ellie found themselves being test subjects when they were placed inside a virtual reality simulation of City 17, being watched over by Derrick Thompson.


Ermin is a slim young man with thick black hair and dark eyes. When working for the Metropolice he wore the standard Metrocop outfit, such as armour and gas mask, although the eyes on his goggles glowed bright blue. When working for the New Combine as the proxy, he wore a black suit, with black tie and leather gloves, and wore the standard Combine gas mask.


  • Ermin was introduced as part of the "New Combine" story arc in City 17 Street (July 2012). Originally it was intended to make him the main villain of the story, however it was decided for him to be working under Tony Angelo.
  • Although only originally created in July 2012, it was decided to retcon him as the Metrocop who attacked Walter Bennett in the first episode "Pilot" back in August 2006.


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