Emily Hunt, also known as Animal Girl, is a young girl residing in the Outlands.


Emily was one of the first children conceived following the destabilization of the Combine's suppression field, which had previously stopped adults from procreating for many years. She was born just shortly after the Combine Empire's downfall.

Emily's parents died during the Clandestine Company's takeover of City 17. Emily managed to escape City 17 and began residing at an abandoned farm estate deep within the outlands near White Forest. She gained an ability to communicate with both earth based and alien animals alike, and went under the moniker of Animal Girl.

She came across an injured Nathan Johnson, and tried a special serum on him which transformed him into the "Cheshire Cat", which he began identifying himself as. Following the downfall of the Clandestine Company, Nathan went to live with Emily at her farm and took care of her and bring her up as a surrogate daughter, as he had lost his child during the Clandestine conflict.

Behind the Scenes

  • Back during the development of the third series of City 17 Street in 2007, Emily was listed on the cast list as simply "Baby". Despite this being her intended introduction, this was scrapped and she instead appeared in a Christmas Edition later in the year.
  • In 2012 she made a recurring appearance, and was given the name "Emily Hunt". As the series was through a process of being soft rebooted, a script mentioned that Emily was the younger sister of Nathan, however nothing as such was clearly stated in the series itself.

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