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For the character from the Half-Life series, see Eli Vance.
"Can you blame an old man for wanting grandkids?"
―Eli on Gordon and Alyx's relationship.

Eli Vance is the father of Alyx Vance and the older brother of Captain Vance. He is a minor character in City 17 Street.



Eli worked at the Black Mesa Research Facility and also lived in the dorms with his wife Azian and their young daughter Alyx Vance. Azian was killed during the Black Mesa Incident and Alyx saved by The G-Man. Eli recovered his daughter and went on the run with best friend Isaac Kleiner. After the Combine's conquer of earth, Eli and Kleiner helped found the Resistance to fight against the Combine.


Black Mesa

City 17 Street

Eli Vance assisted Nathan Johnson in returning to City 17 in order to rescue Holly Hills from Wallace Breen.

Although Nathan altered the timeline by going back and delaying Gordon Freeman's arrival and altering the events of Half-Life 2, Eli was still killed by Combine Advisors. His younger brother Captain Vance succeeded him as leader of the Resistance.

Gordon Freeman Adventures

After his death Eli was to be buried just nearby the White Forest Base. However during the burial he resurrected as a zombie, and forced Gordon and Alyx to have sex to create him grandkids.

How the Resistance Saved Christmas

Eli Vance is still alive in the 2016 Christmas Special How the Resistance Saved Christmas (which shares a loose continuity with City 17 Street). Here he is still the leader of the Resistance, and tasks Dan Mason, Nathan Johnson, Don Simmons and Simon Simms with helping to free the North Pole from Combine rule.

Once they defeat the Anti-Claus and save Christmas, Eli flies into Christmas Town with Alyx in tow and he congratulates the men on saving Christmas and getting rid of the remaining Combine. He then joins a Christmas party, where he receives a new gift - a leg.


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List of Appearances

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