Chester Franklin
Biographical information
Date of death

24 October 2021

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color

Green (blind in one)

Chronological and political information

Bo-Bo the Clown


Dr. Chester Franklin is a scientist specialising in biology, and responsible for a zombie outbreak.


Dr. Chester Franklin had an interest in reanimating the dead, and did his research at the science division for the City 17 Office, although lost funding. Although zombification was possible with the use of headcrabs, Dr. Franklin noted that the hosts who fell victim to the crabs were only temporarily reanimated (as the creatures detatch once completely consuming the human brain) so looked for a way to reanimate hosts without the use of them.

Many years later Dr. Franklin appeared to come to a solution. Heading to an abandoned amusement park, he tested the formula of the corpses of killer clowns, and the process worked. But Dr. Franklin panicked when the clowns turned on him, and he fled the park.

Dr. Franklin found himself hiding out in a warehouse by the coast, where he became of the target of a zombie named Paisley Hills, who wanted the "cure" to her disease. Dr. Franklin unleashed his own improved zombie hoards and fled, but his followers were dealt with by Nathan Johnson and Holly Hills, whom were both trying to find Paisley and help her.

With the help of his friend Dan Mason Nathan gathered information on Dr. Fraklin and his connection to their old workplace. Nathan found Dr. Franklin holed up at the abandoned City 17 Office. Dr. Franklin confessed his motivations and that he only wanted to do good, but a tired Nathan berated Dr. Franklin for his cliche motives and schemes, and just wants a solution to halt the zombie outbreak. But before Dr. Franklin can answer they are jumped upon by zombie clowns, who knock Nathan out and kidnap Dr. Franklin.

Dr. Franklin is taken back to the abandoned amusement park, where he is approached by the clown's leader: Bo-Bo the Clown. Bo-Bo thanks Dr. Franklin for bringing him back from the dead. Bo-Bo notes that his soul is dying, and begins to consume that of Dr. Franklin's, telling him "no hard feelings". Bo-Bo possesses Dr. Franklin's body and begins using it as a vessel.


  • The character is based off that of Dr. Franklin from the popular Half-Life mod They Hunger. His character model is that of a source model based off the character from the mod.


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