Doug Rattmann, also known as Ratman, is a former Aperture Science employee and brief love interest of Chell Johnson until their apparent deaths.


In June 2014 Rattmann became engaged to Chell, however this soon ended when the pair of them were caught in a car explosion. Chell's ex-boyfriend Nathan Johnson was informed that they were killed outright in the crash. Although not emotional in the demise of Rattmann, he did grieve the loss of Chell.

In March 2016 it was transpired that Chell didn't die in the crash, and that a double was sacrificed as part of a plot by the mysterious Clandestine Company. It isn't known though if Rattmann himself had died or a body double was also placed for him. Chell herself was unsure when she escaped the Clandestine Company's experiments and reunited with Nathan, although she was convinced they allowed him to die.


  • As Doug Rattmann has no actual model created for him, the Male_04 citizen model from Half-Life 2, complete with white Aperture coat and messy hair, was used instead as a placeholder.

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