"Dimensional Crossover"


9 February 2016




"A Stag Night to Remember"



"Dimensional Crossover" is an episode in the City 17 Street 2016 series. It is the first episode to take place in the "original" City 17 Street continuity since "Epilogue" and features the return of the original Nathan Johnson, whom last appeared in the special episode "New World" in December 2014.

The episode features Nathan Johnson crossing over into the "reboot continuity" in order to find out the plans of the Clandestine Company after being tipped off by his grandfather Consul. Nathan is also forced to come to terms with the new timeline and the many changes.



After being tipped off by his grandfather about a plan by the Clandestine Company nicknamed "Endgame", Nathan seeks out his enemy G-Man for assistance. G-Man reveals that even though the Clandestine Company in their timeline has been destroyed, another one of thriving in an alternative dimension and are fully thriving and becoming a success and are prepared to start a multi-verse invasion. Nathan decides to travel into the new timeline in order to work undercover and find out what they are up to. G-Man agrees to help Nathan and takes him to a teleporter that he has set up.

G-Man gives Nathan a bunch of diaries and tells him once he has crossed into the new timeline to study them, as they will explain the differences of the new universe and how different things are. Nathan takes the supplies and money, and is given a false identity by the name of Henry Brown in order to infiltrate the Clandestine Company's headquarters Evo Corporation. Nathan enters the teleporter and is sent into the alternative timeline and finds himself in the New City 17, which he describes as "just as much a shithole as my one".

Nathan rents a rundown apartment in order to do his research. He looks through the diaries provided by G-Man, which gives insight on what has been happening in this world for the past 18 months. He is also finds out his alternative self is on the run after pissing off the Clandestine Company, and is amused at the fact this version of Nathan has taken less time to annoy everyone. But Nathan's amusement is shortlived when he discovers that his daughter Samantha in this timeline was murdered by the Clandestine Company. It is revealed that the "primary-verse" Samantha has been sent to live with relatives by Nathan in order to protect her.

Nathan also becomes worried when he realises his enemies such as Dr. Icky, Viktor Rascalov and many more are very much alive in this timeline and are fully aware of who he is. He also discovers they have afflicted themselves with the Clandestine Company.

The next morning Nathan heads to the Evo Corporation and manages to enter with his fake identity. The fact he looks older than his alternative counterpart means nobody recognizes him as Nathan Johnson. Nathan makes his way to a work station and hacks into the system and begins trying to dig up information on what the Clandestine Company are up to.



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