Derrick Thompson is a character who appeared in City 14 as the main antagonist, and later guest appeared in its sister series City 17 Street for 2 episodes. He was the psychotic former partner of Samantha Robertson, who arrived in City 14 to cause hell for her and her fiance Nathan Johnson.

Derrick was later responsible for killing Samantha in a road accident. Years later Nathan got his revenge on Derrick by shooting him dead.


Derrick was the ex-boyfriend of Samantha Robertson. Becoming jealous of her relationship to Nathan Johnson, he turned up in City 14 to stalk and harass her. In their first encounter Derrick came across Samantha when she was hanging out at a restaurant by herself and the pair got chatting. Derrick lured Samantha from the restaurant and bundled her into his car. He then took her to a hotel in order to "spend time" with her, and released her the next morning.

Derrick attempted to set Nathan up by breaking into the home of Laura Peterson and attacking her, which caused a rift between Nathan and his friend and Laura's partner Pete Peterson. However Nathan was cleared of the assault and made amends with Pete prior to his death.

Still vengeful, Derrick kidnapped Samantha a second time and took her to an abandoned Inn outside of City 14, where he planned to hold her for an unknown amount of time. But Nathan arrived and pushed Derrick from the first floor window and rescued Samantha. This incident caused Nathan and Samantha to grow closer and they got engaged and later married, much to Derrick's annoyance.

A couple of days after the wedding Derrick ran over Samantha while she crossed the road and she later died of her injuries. Derrick attended her funeral (although watched from a distance) and left City 14.

Derrick later married a woman named Hanna and they both had a son. Derrick sent Nathan a letter, rubbing in his "success".

Nearly four years since killing Samantha, Derrick attended a New Year party in City 18. While out the back to have a smoke, Nathan approached Derrick and shot him in the head. Feeling that he finally avenged Samantha, Nathan left the scene and wasn't connected to the murder.


  • Derrick was originally planned to be introduced as Samantha's father, until it was decided later to make her the daughter of John Robertson.
  • A resurrected Derrick was originally going to appear in the City 17 Street Seventh-Anniversary Special as a main antagonist, but was scrapped.
  • The character of Derek Robertson takes elements from Derrick Thompson, such as a similar appearance.

List of Appearances

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