Day Hard
Day Hard


15 July 2007


"Surprise Return"



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"Day Hard" is the 16th episode of City 17 Street shown on the 15 July 2007. This crossover briefly with the game Battlefield 2 when Nathan accidentally teleports into said game.


Nathan gets hassle by his landlord for rent and promises that he will pay for it. After having it out with his landlord Nathan heads to the trainstation to get a train to City 14.

Lamarr the Headcrab arrives in City 17 and finds herself being chased by Metropolice. She hides in the landlord's apartment block and when the Combine inquire if she has seen a headcrab about, the landlord denies that there are any.

Armed with his own personal teleporter, Nathan uses it but finds himself in the game Battlefield II. Nathan attempts to escape the game in a fighter jet but it blows up and he is forced to use a parachute to land safely on the ground. Seemingly oblivious to his war like surroundings he tries to summon a taxi, and an ally soldier tackles him out the way of a moving tank. Using the soldier's advice Nathan is able to "quit" the game and ends up back in the world of Half-Life 2.



  • This is the first time in the series in which a character has crossed over into another game and become fully self aware of the fact they are in a fictional world.
  • First appearance of Lucy Anderson, although credited as "Landlord".

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