David Wakeham
David Wakeham
Biographical information


Date of death

22 April 2016 (first death)
12 May 2017 (second death)

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

The Uprising
Clandestine Takeover


New Benefactors (Aka The Clandestine Company)
Combine (formerly)


David Wakeham is a high ranking member of the Clandestine Company who handles most of their operations and production at their headquarters in City 17. He serves as the secondary antagonist turned tertiary antagonist of the City 17 Street reboot series.


David Wakeham served the Combine during the Uprising. After their defeat, he managed to distance himself from his former occupation and later joined up with the Clandestine Company.

David was in charge of the Clandestine Company's research programmes, but disappointed them each time when the subjects failed to kill Nathan Johnson. When Nathan infiltrated the Evo Corporation headquarters, David was forced to become the Cyber Gimp and he was brainwashed to fight Nathan. But David regained a bit of his thoughts, and in a moment of redemption told Nathan to "head North". He then begged Nathan to kill him. Nathan did so by attaching a C4 to David, which blew him into bits and killed him instantly.

Regardless of his death, David's consciousness was uploaded into a new Cyber Gimp body and he became an agent of the board of directors of the Evo Corporation, who were looking to rebuild the Clandestine Company.


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