David Ades
David Ades
Biographical information


Date of death

December 2015

Physical description




Hair color

Brown (greying)

Eye color


Chronological and political information

David Ades is the son of Doctor Ades and a psychotic surgeon operating at Nova Island located near City 17.


David is a businessman, but later began an illegal career as a backstreet surgeon giving out operations on citizens for the right price. He later turned to serial killing, and began an organ trafficking business. He began to draw attention when he left mutilated corpses with removed organs littered in alleyways, which caused the media to dub David as "The Organ Harvester". Despite police investigation, David left City 17 before they could come to the conclusion he was behind the killings. Faking his background, David got a job at Nova Island working as a doctor in the medical wing at Nova Prospekt. He later began working for Mr. Purple as his henchman.

Nathan Johnson later turned to David to torture a high ranking member of the Clandestine Company about their activities. After getting what he wanted, Nathan left the man with Ades to "play with" as a parting gift. But the man was later rescued by Wallace Breen, who had his Combine bodyguard kill Ades.

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