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Darren Johnson
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10 October 1989

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Darren Johnson is the son of Nathan Johnson and the older brother of Billy and Samantha Johnson. He is an agent who ends up coming under employment of Frank Blackstone.


Darren was born to Nathan Johnson and Heather in 1989. After 1995 in which Darren was five years old he and Heather rarely had anything to do with Nathan.

Years later a nineteen year old Darren reunited with Nathan and stayed with him in order to complete his studies. After staying in City 17 for six months, Darren moved away.

Three years later Darren was now working for an unspecified Agency and moved back to City 17. He dealt with the increased crime that had risen in the aftermath of the Race X Invasion, which made him come under the interest of the mysterious Frank Blackstone. Darren was "plucked" by Frank and placed into stasis until he was further needed.

A few months later Frank began a war with Russian crime boss Viktor Rascalov who was plotting a takeover of City 17. Frank decided to use Darren to wage his war against Viktor, but first placed him into a simulation to test his skills. In this simulation Darren went up against a virtual Viktor in City X and having confidence in Darren, released him into the real world and "employed" him to become his personal agent.

Darren began to work at taking down Viktor's operation, including killing off major members of his crime family. Frank watched with glee as Viktor struggled. In desperation, Viktor had Darren's little sister Samantha kidnapped by his associate Steven Phillips. But when Darren believed Samantha had been murdered (as Steven faked her death), it made him more than determined to take down Viktor. But when Darren discovered Samantha was actually alive, he went to rescue her from Steven.

Meanwhile Viktor's remaining gang members betrayed him and defected to Frank's organization before any of them would be hurt. Frank then kidnapped Viktor and set him up to the police, causing him to be arrested. But Darren broke from Frank's grasp and had him arrested also.

Darren later met with Chell and the pair saw the New Year in together. After that Darren left City 17.


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