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Darko Rascalov is a character in City 17 Street. He is a Russian businessman and gangster, running his own crime family in City 17 until his demise in 2013. After his death Darko was succeeded by his cousin Viktor.


Going after Fishlips

Darko Rascalov appears as an employee of the City 17 Office and colleague (and later friend) of Nathan Johnson. The pair of them meet with their new supervisor Mr. Icky, although Darko mistrusts him. Darko briefly assists Nathan in his quest to track down Gordon Freeman.

After the Combine's downfall Darko discovered that Dr. Icky was an alien in disguise and planned to kill him to prevent his plans on using a portal to flood the earth. Both Darko and Nathan teamed up, and Darko shot dead Dr. Icky before he could escape after his failed attempt to open the portal. Darko left City 17 shortly after, unaware that Dr. Icky was alive.

Becoming a crime boss

Darko moved to City 18 and teamed up with a Russian crime family. Darko grew bored of being a lackey, and planned to lead a coup against their boss. When Nathan came to stay in City 18, Darko used it to his advantage and got Nathan to kill his boss. Darko took over the crime family and betrayed Nathan. In revenge, Nathan cornered Darko during a drug shipment and shot him, presumably killing him.

A year after his supposed death, Darko and his family moved back to City 17 to continue building up his criminal empire. He revealed he was alive to Nathan, but decided to make peace in which Nathan accepted. Darko became one of the most prominent crime bosses along with Tony Angelo (later Don Simmons) and Don Gelatray. Darko got a share of the City 17 Office and battled with the Simmons and Gelatray crime families over power of the facility. Gelatray was killed during the conflict, and Darko and Simmons made a pact and agreed not to kill each other. But when Simmons underboss Andrew Trapani uploaded himself into the mainframe and took over the facility, he forced the pair of them out. The facility was later destroyed to stop Trapani expanding his influence, and the Simmons family fell although Darko managed to keep his crime family operational.

Drug Trade and Demise

Two years later Darko and his cousin Viktor Rascalov planned to expand their drug empire and wanted Nathan in. Viktor wasn't trusting of Nathan and tried to persuade Darko to kill him, but Darko refused as he felt Nathan was a good worker. But when Nathan fell into depression after the murder of Paisley Hills the pair noticed he was becoming a liability and Darko plotted to kill Nathan, and even teamed up with Don Simmons to do the task. When Nathan found out their plan, he rigged Darko's car with a bomb. When Darko and Simmons entered the car, it was set off, killing Darko and injuring Simmons. In the aftermath of Darko's death, Viktor briefly took over the crime family.


Darko's death left his crime family in tatters. His wife Gale was left alone to raise their daughter Gale, Jr. and ended up having to downsize from Rascalov mansion.

Beyond the Grave

Under two years after his death, Darko appeared as a ghost/hallucination and made contact with Nathan to meet him. Nathan was under the impression that Darko was alive, and Darko himself claimed he had survived the car bomb and went into witness protection for his family's sake. Darko reveals his daughter has been kidnapped and used as a part of a plot to open up the multiple dimensions to a darker world. Both Darko and Nathan teamed up and rescued his daughter and closed off the portal. The pair of them parted ways again, with Darko voicing his intention to leave City 17 for good.

Several months after this encounter, Nathan found out that the Darko he came across wasn't actually there, and he was indeed killed by the car explosion.


  • Darko takes inspiration from Dimitri Rascalov from Grand Theft Auto IV, and uses the same model as him. As such, elements from the Grand Theft Auto IV storyline are used in City 17 Street.
    • The model for Darko was later changed to a young Edward Nygma from Batman: Arkham Origins.

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