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The Consul was the adviser to Wallace Breen and his second in command during the Combine occupation. He is also the grandfather of Nathan Johnson. He was a high ranking member of the Clandestine Company.


The Consul acted as the adviser and second-in-command to Wallace Breen and helped create his public image as a trusting administrator with the citizens of City 17's best interests at heart.

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The Consul watches over the trapped Nathan, Monty and Sarah.

In 2007 the Consul operated at a facility in City 14, which was raided by his two grandsons Nathan Johnson and Monty Johnson and their friend Sarah Woods. The Consul captured them and placed them in a pool with other citizens to be eaten by alien sharks. But Nathan managed to produce a grenade and threw it at the Consul's control panel, which blew it up and freed them from the pool. Nathan, Monty and Sarah then wired the facility to blow and escaped before it was destroyed. The Consul was presumed dead in the destruction, however he had in fact survived and fled to City 17 to report to Breen.

After the downfall of the Combine the Consul managed to cover up his involvement with their operations in City 17. Managing to profit from their downfall, he retired away from City 17 and started a new life.

Five years after the Combine's downfall, the Consul had two granddaughters and masked himself as a cuddly grandfather and gentleman. When Nathan discovered his whereabouts, he plotted revenge but decided against it when realising the Consul was his grandfather also.

In 2015 his granddaughter Sandra was kidnapped by Sinister Co.

In the following years the Consul became seriously ill and required constant medical treatment. He ended up getting his own private room at a hospital where he became a permanent resident and sold up his home.

The Consul 2016

The Consul in 2016.

In 2016 (and nearly nine years since the downfall of the Combine) Nathan and Sarah went into the Consul's room at the hospital, where at this point he was beyond recognizable due to deterioration from his unknown illness. They questioned him over a plot by the mysterious Clandestine Company known as "Endgame". The Consul was very weak at this point, but managed to jot down an address to an office of his nearby, where a computer contained files on their upcoming plans. At that moment troops working for Wallace Breen began to raid the hospital for the Consul. Activating a remote device, Consul told Nathan and Sarah to escape in his car which is parked at the back of the building. Nathan and Sarah escaped to the car after fighting through Breen's Troops, only to witness the Consul's hospital room being blown to bits. They then used his car to escape and find his office to receive the data.


The Consul was cold and ruthless. A master deceiver he was able to put on the image as a warm and friendly gentleman. He advised Wallace Breen on putting on a mask to make people trust him during his time as administrator.

The Consul's ruthlessness was shown when he was willing to allow his own grandsons Nathan and Monty to be killed and displayed lack of empathy for their situation.

After the Combine's downfall he began to use his image as a friendly and warm man, which helped distance his previous alliance to them. It is unclear however if he had actually mellowed, as he showed affection to his two granddaughters, although this again could have just been clever manipulation on his part.

Despite being a deceiver for many years, the Consul did help give Nathan and Sarah the whereabouts to classified information about the Clandestine Company, although this was mainly due to him not having long to live.


  • The Consul was a cut character from Half-Life 2, who was the predecessor to Wallace Breen. See here for more details.


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