City 17 Street Redux Episode 1 (titled "The Beginning") is the first official episode of City 17 Street Redux.


Following a shift in the timelines and multiverse, Nathan Johnson finds himself in a brand new (but very familiar) universe in which the Combine have just been defeated and humanity are building themselves back up again. But there are major differences, most notably that the people he once knew have changed drastically. John Robertson has been replaced with Jackie Robertson, Hannah Robertson is still alive, his friend Dan Mason is now the villainous mercenary The Spy, as well as many other changes.

Nathan finds himself under the employment of Jackie, who is now the new administrator of City 17 and is looking to fix society and clean up the devastation following the Uprising. But she finds herself the target of the Consul, the older brother of the late Wallace Breen who wants power over City 17 for himself.

Characters appearing


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