City 17 Street 2016 is the name given to City 17 Street's 10th Anniversary year since its original conception on the 22 August 2006. It also features the reappearance of the "original" timeline which was last seen in the Epilogue storyline back in August 2014. The re-imagined timeline will also feature as part of a multi-verse.


The Resistance Government plan to hold a big commemoration for those who had perished during the Combine occupation, as part of the 10th Anniversary since The Uprising and the Combine's defeat. Meanwhile Wallace Breen and his new army plan to create a new Combine Empire by tearing open the gateway of the multi-verse and attacking City 17.

Nathan Johnson returns to City 17, but discovers it is now his destiny to destroy Breen once and for all, but in the process he will also perish. Nathan comes to terms with his death while assisting his friends team in preparation of Breen's War and the new Battle for City 17.







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