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2014 is the ninth year of City 17 Street.


The first half of the year featured very little plots as Nathan Johnson chose to concentrate on a horror series instead. The second half of the year sees the 'epilogue' to City 17 Street overall, which was then followed up by a 'reboot' of the series on the 25th August 2014. Nathan remained as the protagonist, and a new variety of characters were introduced.

The second half of 2014 saw the Clandestine Company appearing as prominent antagonists after nearly seven years of appearing in cameos and being alluded to.


Wednesday, 1st January

The New Year opens up with Frank Blackstone's arrest. But he is then broken out of prison by his henchmen. He moves to a caravan site in the wasteland.

Friday, 31st January

Nathan receives a fake identity from Spectre.

Thursday, 15th May

Nathan is shown to be living rough in the abandoned mining town named Ravenholm along with his pet headcrab Laura.

Monday, 30th June

Nathan begins working for John Robertson in City 15. Around this time he discovers that Chell is dating an employee at her work by the name of Doug Rattmann.

Wednesday, 2nd July

Nathan is stunned when he finds out that Chell has died during an explosion outside Aperture. He collects his daughter Samantha.

Epilogue arc: Monday, 28th July

See: Epilogue

G-Man uses a Zin time machine in order to bring back former rogues. He resurrects Wallace Breen from the dead with the machine in order to help restore order in City 17. Samantha, Ermin and Emile Clayton are kidnapped and held hostage at the citadel. Nathan infiltrates the place to take down Breen and G-man but is captured. The pair of them make their escape and leave Nathan to be tortured by his former enemies, however Simon Simms and Sarah Woods arrive on time to save Nathan before his torture. Nathan takes a V-tol and searches for Emile who has been taken by Breen and G-Man.

Epilogue arc: Tuesday, 29th July

Nathan infiltrates Breen's castle out near the coast and rescues Emile and Samantha and blows up the place. They go away for a picnic together.

Epilogue arc: Wednesday, 30th July

Nathan and Samantha leave City 17 together for a new life and finally feel peace.

This was intended to be the end to the primary "City 17 Street" canon, and the following episodes acting as a reboot. But this was reversed in 2016.

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