City 17 Street 2013

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8 January–31 December 2013






The first half of the year saw a conflict in Europe between the New Combine and the Resistance Government, which was instigated by Tony Angelo to create mayhem and chaos for his own profit. Tony was exposed and eventually arrested, which was followed by a peace treaty between the New Combine and Resistance.

Mid-2013 saw the invasion of the Race X, who arrived on earth in a second attempt to drain its resources. The plan was averted thanks to a crew who went into space and destroyed the Race X Leader.

The second half of 2013 saw the return of Darren Johnson who came under employment of Frank Blackstone. Frank got into conflict with the Rascalov crime family and started a feud with Viktor Rascalov over control of City 17. The climax of the year saw Viktor and Frank arrested, although the latter managed to escape custody.


Saturday, 5th January

Nathan travels to City 14 to search for a missing agent named Milo. He finds Milo, who reveals about a secret reactor used to contain the zombie toxin. Nathan and his brother Monty team up in order to stop the reactor from being destroyed and kill off any of the remaining zombies.

Monday, 7th January

Nathan discovers his contract at the agency has been revoked and he is no longer on duty as a bodyguard. He falls into a terrible mood after hearing the news.

Tuesday, 8th January

2. 10th January 2013

G-Man tries to put dark thoughts into Nathan's head.

Nathan is contacted by G-Man to meet in the Outlands. G-Man reveals he knows about Nathan losing his job and offers to get revenge, but Nathan turns down his offer out of suspicion. Nathan goes to buy a card for Emile's upcoming birthday.

Wednesday, 9th January

Nathan and his mentor Spectre look into the reasoning for his dismissal. They believe Tony Angelo has been instigating it and the New Combine have possibly been helping him out. Nathan feels angry, and G-man tries to use it to his advantage by drilling bad thoughts into his head.

Thursday, 10th January

Nathan and G-Man meet once again, and G-Man offers Nathan an ultimatum but Nathan still turns down his offers. G-Man reveals he will always be there for Nathan no matter what happens.

Friday, 11th January

Nathan's grandmother Beatrice contacts him to say she is getting married and for him to bring the children. But Nathan doesn't get the email due to his system being shut down.

Sunday, 13th January

4. 13th January 2013

G-Man attacks the Grunt family.

During the night Frank goes to the home of Lyn the Grunt and kidnaps her along with her Grunt family. He ties them up and proceeds to stab her son Jack the Grunt to death. He then takes Lyn away and locks her in a storage container and burns her to death.

Monday, 25th February

Flashback to the 20th December 2012

It is revealed in the flashback that Lyn and Jack were actually working for Tony Angelo and only pretending to be Nathan's allies in order to get close to him. They then kidnapped Nathan's niece Emile along with Nathan's squad mate David in order to hold them for ransom and make Nathan leave City 19. Frank murdering both Jack and Lyn is a sort of 'retribution' for their betrayal of him and harming Emile.

Andy Shephard arc: Sunday, 3rd March

Andy Shephard

We are introduced to the younger brother of Adrian Shephard - Andy Shephard, who has arrived in City 17 for 'revenge' against his brother. In a short introduction, it is revealed he worked for a black operations unit during a mission at Black Mesa in order to nuke the facility, and was shot by an unknowing Adrian.

Andy Shephard arc: Monday, 4th March

Andy meets G-Man at his office to 'buy' Adrian from him and full-fill his plotted revenge. G-Man agrees to get Adrian, however Adrian escapes and crashes G-Man's osprey.

Andy begins working for the New Combine leader Ermin and reveals his plans to take down the rebels of City 17. Andy also tells Ermin about his plans to capture Adrian.

Andy meets with a fellow assassin named Chell and they both share war stories. She is in love with Adrian and tries to convince Andy to forgive his brother as he didn't know it was him he shot.

Andy Shephard arc: Tuesday, 5th March

Andy comes across Adrian and tells him he forgives him. The two brothers hug. Andy plans to raid a former soviet base.

Andy Shephard arc: Wednesday, 6th March

Ermin is confused as to why Andy has suddenly forgiven his brother so calls him up to his office. Andy explains that it is only a trick as he wants to earn Adrian's trust, which Ermin thinks is a great idea. Ermin allows Andy's permission to raid the Soviet Base and allows him to use as many resources he can for his mission.

Andy Shephard arc: Thursday, 7th March

Andy gets ready to head to the Russian base. He goes undercover under the alias of a Russian businessman named Vladimir Petrenko.

Andy Shephard arc: Friday, 8th March

Andy infiltrates the Russian Science Facility under the alias of the Russian businessman. He downloads information onto his laptop and finds out the Russians have created a portal linked to an alien world. After obtaining the information he sets a bomb to destroy the facility. He manages to escape safely as the place is destroy and returns to City 17.

Unaware to Andy, the base is ran by Russian criminal Darko Rascalov and crime lord Tony Angelo. The pair of them vow revenge on whoever destroyed their base.

Andy Shephard arc: Saturday, 9th March

Tony Angelo is angered by the destruction of his base and calls Darko up to his office. He orders Darko to find out who is responsible and make them pay dearly.

Andy Shephard arc: Sunday, 10th March

Andy hands intel into Ermin's office.

Andy Shephard arc: Monday, 11th March

Tony holds the Clayton family hostage, which includes Jack Clayton, his wife P-Body and daughter Emile. Tony wants to know answers. Nathan sends in a task force in order to dispose of Tony's henchmen, although Tony manages to make an escape, leaving behind a badly wounded Jack.

Andy Shephard arc: Tuesday, 12th March

It is revealed Andy is working undercover for Dan Mason's agency - who lead the Task Force to save the Clayton family. Dan orders the capture of Tony Angelo. Andy and Nathan meet, and Andy tells Nathan not to take the attack on the family personal. But Nathan is quick to point out Andy's personal motivations with Adrian.

Later in the day it is reported that Andy has been found dead. Nathan breaks the news to Chell, who is devastated. Nathan decides to make whoever killed Andy pay.

Wednesday, 13th March

Tony and the race x

Nathan travels to the Xen borderworld in order to meet with their new leader and forms a pact to help take down the New Combine. The Xen Leader agrees and the Xenian army become allies with the Task Force.

Back in City 17, Tony Angelo is shown to have Race X in his possession and plans to use it for his impending plans. He orders a group of scientists working for him to start working for hybrid Race X/Humans. After some working process, they succeed in creating a new Shock Trooper and Pit Drone, and Tony marvels at his new army.

Thursday 14th March

It is the day of Andy Shephard's funeral. Attending are Adrian, Nathan, Ermin, Chell and numerous Combine Soldiers and Houndeyes. Tributes are paid to Andy during the service. Ermin reveals he hoped that one day Andy would rule the New Combine himself. Adrian and Chell pay tributes, with the former revealing his devastation as Andy had only just come back into his life.

After the funeral Nathan begins making preparations for his revenge on Tony Angelo.

Monday, 15th April

The New Combine begin their plans to expand their empire across Eastern Europe in order to properly replicate the former Combine. Nathan finds out this plot and is afraid that humanity will be doomed once again.

Friday, 26th April

Nathan meets an insider from the New Combine named Janice, however she begins playing up and refusing to give much to Nathan. He leaves in anger, feeling he has stepped back again in his private investigation.

Thursday, 9th May

Nathan pyro chase tony

Nathan and Pyro chase down Tony.

With the help of Sarah Woods, Nathan acquires video footage which reveals Tony was behind Andy's death, and not only that Ermin was the gunman! Nathan alerts Chell to this that Ermin can't be trusted. A War between the Russian Empire and the New Combine breaks out as the former wants retribution. Nathan believes Tony was behind everything and was truly working for the Combine, having had the base destroyed as a double bluff to start a war.

Tony makes plans to flee City 17, but when his air transport is blown up he heads for the train station. Pyro arrives and helps Nathan drive after the escaping train. They blow it up and Nathan captures Tony, but ponders whether or not to kill him. Dan arrives and begs Nathan to turn him over, as Tony is more than likely to become a martyr in his death. Nathan hands Tony over, and leaves the scene.

Wednesday, 15th May

Nathan makes contact with Ermin after Tony is sent down for his crimes. Ermin reveals he was just a pawn and was forced to act as a proxy for the New Combine for Tony Angelo, and still cared for Andy. Sympathetic, Nathan offers Ermin a place in his new organisation, but Ermin politely refuses. Ermin then departs City 17 by a Combine Helicopter.

Saturday, 25th May

Nathan and Billy fight zombies in an invested prison.

Monday, 27th May

Nathan travels to City 14 in order to do a deal with TF Industries. He smuggles in some robots for them.

Wednesday, 5th June

Nathan bids farewell to Billy who is departing for Quarrytown.

Thursday, 6th June

Nathan and Sarah meet up once again.

Friday, 7th June

Spectre gets back in contact with Nathan to help him carry out a job. Nathan helps him transport witnesses to Tony Angelo's crimes to a safe location so they can testify against him.

After he is done Nathan starts to look after Paisley for Holly.

Saturday, 8th June

Frank Blackstone goes into partnership with an alien warlord known as Tor.

Sunday, 9th June

Nathan takes Paisley out for the day, but is unaware they are being watched.

Wednesday, 10th July

It is National Bangers and Blow Jobs Day in City 17.

Tuesday, 16th July

For his criminal dealings Nathan is put on community service at a shop and begins to grow bored. He starts to do dodgy dealings behind the manager's back.

Wednesday, 7th August

Darko Rascalov and his cousin Viktor Rascalov get into the drug trade. Darko wants Nathan involved, although Viktor isn't too trusting and wants Nathan dead. Darko assures him they can trust Nathan.

Thursday, 8th August

Nathan and Paisley go for a day out together. Meanwhile in prison, Tony Angelo receives mysterious visitors. They pay the law enforcement to release Tony, and they task him to kill Nathan.

Tony takes on a new identity and enters City 17, where he sits in his car parked outside Nathan's apartment.

Friday, 9th August

Tony shot dead

Nathan shoots Tony dead in retaliation for him shooting Paisley.

Tony takes Paisley hostage at the apartment. When Nathan attempts to rescue her, Tony shoots her. Paisley dies, and a devastated Nathan shoots Tony dead. He calls the police and cradles her dead body.

Saturday, 10th August

Nathan feels depressed after Paisley's murder and begins to take out his frustrations on everyone.

Sunday, 11th August

Nathan has another sleepless night and ponders how Tony managed to escape from prison.

Tuesday, 13th August

Nathan leaves for City 14 to stay with Monty and to see Sarah.

Sunday, 18th August

Nathan meets with Dan Mason, Don Simmons and Simon Simms when they discover a warning about an impending alien attack.

Race X arc: Friday, 23rd August

The Race X Attack

The Race X Invade.

The Race X begin to attack the earth.

Race X arc: Saturday, 24th August

Hybrid clones of the Race X are unleashed across City 17. Nathan and his crew race to eliminate the portals letting them through.

Race X arc: Monday, 26th August

The King Houndeye begins to communicate with their houndeye pack to help fight against the Race X.

Race X arc: Thursday, 29th August

Facing off with the Gene Worm

Nathan faces off against the Gene Worm.

Nathan faces off with the Gene Worm which looks to harvest the resources of planet earth. Once the Gene Worm is defeated once again, Nathan murders Tor by blowing his head off. The Race X surrender to the resistance.

Monday, 16th September

Nathan attends the midnight launch of GTA V along with Billy. Dan is kidnapped by criminals who demand that they give up their free copies of GTA V. Dan shouts at the pair of them not to give in and to save themselves. The criminals kidnap Dan. Billy and Nathan eventually rescue him after chasing down their van and crashing it.

Sunday, 22nd September

Michael Pade returns to City 17 and takes on the identity of Chicken Man and intends to wipe out the crime in the city.

Friday, 4th October

Monty is kidnapped and his doppelgänger takes his place. This is part of a scheme by G-Man.

Saturday, 5th October

Darren returns 2013

Darren returns.

Nathan's son Darren Johnson arrives in City 17 as an agent looking to crack down on the criminals of the city.

Monday, 7th October

Darren settles down in City 17 and begins working undercover with a new drug lord known as Gerald Wilson. He ends up destroying drug farms owned by Frank, who becomes furious at the destruction and loss of profit.

Wednesday, 16th October

Frank gains ultimate control and manages to capture Darren. He puts Darren into stasis.

Viktor's Vengeance arc: Sunday, 8th December

Darko and Don are killed

Darko and Don are killed.

Nathan discovers that Darko and Don Simmons are conspiring to kill him. Nathan hires some men to kill the pair off by planting a car bomb in Darko's vehicle. When Darko and Don enter the vehicle, it explodes sending the pair flying.

Viktor's Vengeance arc: Wednesday, 18th December

Darko's cousin Viktor takes over the Rascalov crime family after his demise. Vicktor proves himself to be more ruthless than Darko by expanding the drug empire and also starting a human trafficking operation. Nathan and Frank plot to outdo him.

Viktor's Vengeance arc: Tuesday, 24th December

Viktor plots revenge against Nathan and hires Gerald to kidnap Nathan's daughter Samantha. Nathan decides to stand down from fighting against Viktor, but regardless Viktor orders Gerald to kill Samantha. Nathan believes Samantha is dead when a car 'containing' her is left on a train track and struck by a speeding train. However in a cabin somewhere, Samantha is alive and well and being watched by Gerald.

Viktor's Vengeance arc: Wednesday, 25th December

Samantha captured 2013

Samantha is captured.

In "City X" Darren is working on an investigation against Viktor Rascalov. He discovers that Samantha is still alive and manages to 'enter' the mind of Gerald in order to disclose her location. Nathan declares war against Viktor and his crime family in retribution for Samantha's 'death'. Back at the cabin, Gerald spends Christmas with Samantha but plans to get rid of her.

Viktor's Vengeance arc: Thursday, 26th December

Darren uncovers Viktor's plans to detonate a bomb in the city. He begins unveiling the Intelligence linking to this.

Viktor's Vengeance arc: Friday, 27th December

Darren begins to work to where his sister is being taken. He manages contact via email to Nathan under the alias of Darryl Lynch and gives Samantha's location at being at a club known as the Vanilla Club. Nathan finds the place and storms the place, killing Gerald's men and rescuing her. Nathan finds out Darryl is his son Darren and that he is trapped in another dimension.

Viktor's Vengeance arc: Saturday, 28th December

Darren escapes his stasis. He frees Monty and Michael from their prison and they return to earth. They group together to take down Viktor.

Nathan finds out from Frank on Viktor's background. Frank attempted to have him killed back in 1998 for attempting to steal hazardous materials from Black Mesa. Viktor has resumed his plan for domination after 15 years. Frank captured Darren in order to 'train' him in taking down Viktor as both Nathan and Monty were "past it".

Darren helps a man named Mr. Lancaster rescue his son from City X.

Viktor's Vengeance arc: Sunday, 29th December

Darren and his team take down Viktor's operation. But Darren has a taste for crime and wants to help Nathan. He takes down some bikers and kills a lawyer bothering his dad. Darren packs in the Agency and decides to follow in Nathan's footsteps to become a kingpin.

Viktor's Vengeance arc: Monday, 30th December

Frank kidnaps Viktor and takes on his identity in order to merge the Rascalov faction with his own gang. He also steals military equipment in order to pull off a full scale attack in which he can blame Viktor for. Viktor is kept bound and gagged at a building site owned by him.

Big Problem: Tuesday, 31st December

In this episode to the year, Frank plans to initiate a global war between the Russians and the New United States. Frank launches drones to attack the White House but Darren prevents it from happening.

Darren saves the real Viktor from Blackstone's henchmen and finds out his location. Darren steals a jet and shoots down Frank's plane and disarms a bomb. Frank is then taken into custody by the police. He says he will be back soon.

Epilogue of 2013

After a botched terrorist attempt, Frank Blackstone was incarcerated at a special unit at Nova Storage Facility.

After his brave efforts Darren is awarded for his bravery.

Nathan's fate is unknown since he fled the Russians. He is believed to be located in City 18.

Viktor escaped prison after his own incarceration and is in hiding and planning his next move in order to restore his deceased cousin's now fallen empire.

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