City 17 Street 2010 is the name given to stories set in City 17 Street's 5th year since its debut in 2006. These stories also act as a soft reboot to the series, and also removes certain stories from the canon. This includes reinventing The G-Man as a violent gangster named Frank Blackstone and reintroducing Chell Johnson with a new backstory and retconning her previous appearances from 2008 to 2009.

The year also introduces the mob to City 17 and gives a more 1950s/1960s feel. A crossover relating to BioShock 2 also started off the year, which saw Nathan venturing to Rapture to find missing children.

Characters also introduced include Tony Angelo. Don Simmons and Jim Darwin. The Clandestine Company also make their first appearance, after being first alluded to two-years prior.


Venture to Rapture

Nathan Johnson leaves City 17 to track down his missing daughter and other missing children who were taken by the Big Mommy, a mysterious sea creature snatching girls and taking them to the ocean. He comes across a lighthouse and discovers an underwater city named Rapture. After going up against a cult, he finds his daughter and other children and manages to flee to the surface.


  • This takes elements from BioShock 2 (which was released when this story was written) and Nathan taking the role of Mark Meltzer.

The Return of Frank Blackstone

Fat Tony

Nathan and his friends begin to work for the mob, most nobly powerful crime lord Tony Angelo.


  1. Return of the G-Man - features the return of G-Man (now named Frank Blackstone) after his presumed death.
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