1. "New Year 2009"
  2. "Gordon Freeman - Captain Vance" - Gordon Freeman comes into conflict with new corrupt Resistance leader Captain Vance - the brother of the late Eli Vance.
  3. "Baby O.J."
  4. "Newty's confession"
  5. "1st May 2009"
  6. "Confessions"
  7. "12th July 2009 (2 part episode)
  8. "The Thing that came from the Ocean"
  9. "Samuel" - story featuring the return of Samuel Pade and trying to track down a serial killer plaguing City 17.
  10. "Truth and Revelations" (2 part episode)
  11. "The Mad House"
  12. "Manners cost nothing"
  13. "The Killer of City 17" - follow up of Samuel where Samuel Pade has been captured by the killer and forced to carry out grisly games for survival.
More to be added.

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