City 17 Street

No. of episodes

53 (and counting)

Original release

4 January–25 December 2008


Half-Life era


2009 series

City 17 Street 2008 (or season 8) is City 17 Street's third year run and a follow on from the "Half-Life era".

The series now takes place in a post-Combine controlled world in which humans are building themselves back up. The series shifted more into crime focused territory and also featured protagonist Nathan Johnson turning more sinister.

This year also saw the introduction of Portal character Chell.


  1. "New Year, New Era"
  2. "Arriving, City 17"
  3. "Fun times in City 17"
  4. "Headcrab Day Out"
  5. "Meaning of Silence"
  6. "Exploring City 17"
  7. "Gordon Freeman's Revenge" (2 part episode)
  8. "The Death of Dr. Icky"
  9. "Who shot Jeff?"
  10. "Valentine's Day"
  11. "The Return of the Axe Murderer" (3 part episode)
  12. "A day out"
  13. "Nathan goes to Ravenholm"
  14. "Sarah's birthday"
  15. "Fast Zombie Attack"
  16. "Family day out"
  17. "Billy Bones' death"
  18. "Sarah is hit by a truck"
  19. "The Illusive Richard Woods"
  20. "Fall"
  21. "Secrets and Lies"
  22. "Partners in Crime"
  23. "Monty's Special Birthday"
  24. "Unforeseen Consequences"
  25. "A new girl in town"
  26. "Last Day of School"
  27. "The Rabbit Poacher" (3 part episode) - criminal Rabbit Poacher arrives in City 17 and kidnaps Hannah Robertson as part of a revenge scheme.
  28. "Johnson's daughter" - Nathan reunites with his long-lost daughter Samantha. (2 part episode)
  29. "Who Killed G-Man?" - G-Man is murdered, but who is the culprit?
  30. "Family losses" - Nathan is devastated by the death of his daughter and starts looking for someone to blame, which results in him killing his ex-wife and her husband.
  31. "The Trails of Mr. Green"
  32. "Mr Green's revenge"
  33. "Discovery"
  34. "G-Man's funeral"
  35. "Back to Work"
  36. "Richard's vengeance"
  37. "Leechman"
  38. "City 18 Street"
  39. "Nathan the Killer" - Already having a taste for murder, Nathan kills an annoying colleague stalking him.
  40. "Caleb's mourning"
  41. "Wedding of Monty and Holly"
  42. "Halloween Special 3"
  43. "Seeking Answers"
  44. "Father's son"
  45. "Christmas Murder" - Nathan comes close to another killing when someone blackmails him for his previous crimes. (2 part episode)

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